Walt Disney Treasures: Chronological Donald, Volume Three

DVD Reviews | Dec 13th, 2007

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Starring Clarence Nash, Ronald Colman, Pinto Colvig, James MacDonald (II), Dessie Flynn, Leonard Maltin
Written By: Jack Hannah, Jack King
Directed By:
Studio: Disney / Buena Vista
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Walt Disney continues on with the latest wave of limited edition Walt Disney Treasure DVDs. Some of them I don’t particularly care for but there are a few that are really good. Like this latest volume from the vaults of Walt Disney, showcasing all of the newer Donald Duck shorts. Fans of the temperamental duck will definitely enjoy this new volume.

In this latest Walt Disney Treasure volume for Donald Duck, you see a lot of cartoons featuring Donald’s arch-nemesis: Chip and Dale. But he also had encounters with little beetles, a little bee, and his nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie. But Chip and Dale were the ones that gave him the most grief and made him lose his mind on more than 20 occasions. One of the highlight episodes on this DVD is also my favorite Disney cartoon ever! It’s called “Toy Tinkers” and it’s when Chip and Dale invade Donald’s house and battle throughout his home using toys and other Christmas ornaments. Another Donald short on here that I loved was when Chip and Dale go up against Donald and his pancakes. I don’t blame them, pancakes are awesome! Other shorts include ones when Donald has a perfect singing voice, his nephews pretend that he died, Donald goes up against some ants, a Lion and his son try to get fish from Donald and many more classic Disney animated shorts!

These are the Donald Duck animated shorts that I like the most and the ones I remember as well. I just grew up watching these all the time, and still laugh like a kid when watching them. I’m happy Disney is finally releasing them all on DVD. It’s just taking awhile to get to the cartoons I want the most. One of the reasons why I like Donald Duck cartoons so much because he’s so hot tempered, he kind of reminds me of me. But another reason why I liked the Donald Duck cartoons so much was because of the secondary characters that were in the cartoons as well. Chip and Dale and Donald Duck, three of my favorite characters all in one. Those episodes were usually the funniest out of the Disney bunch as well. Plus Chip and Dale were so cute, but could get pretty evil when it came down to it. I’m not sure which volume has this short, but another favorite of mine is when Huey, Dewey and Louie battle Donald on the ice. They make ice castles and ships and have an all out war with snowballs. Truly a classic! My favorite Disney shorts were always the winter & Christmas ones.

Bonus materials for the Chronological Donald volume 3 set include introductions from Leonard Maltin, a featurette on the many faces of Donald and sculpting Donald, galleries, and Vault cartoons where they don’t get aired anymore due to being racist, or not appropriate for children. The Donald Duck/Chip and Dale pancake episode was one of those but not really sure why? Could be that they were as a Chinese stereotype in that one? This DVD set is excellent and I managed to watch the whole thing on my day of “working from home” because of the snow storm we had today. Hey I’m a multi-tasker, I can watch things that need to be reviewed and do actual work at the same time! Anyway, this DVD is great and I’m wondering if there will be a volume 4? There has to be more Donald shorts out there somewhere!

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