War At Home: The Complete First Season

DVD Reviews | May 15th, 2007

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Starring Michael Rapaport, Anita Barone, Kaylee DeFer, Dean Collins, Kyle Sullivan
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Studio: Warner Brothers
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I watched most of the first season of War at Home but haven’t checked out the second season. So I really don’t know if the TV series got better or not, but I did actually like the first season. War at Home is your typical dysfunctional family sitcom, but I still laughed a lot even though this series isn’t anything groundbreaking.

War at Home is about Dave & Vicky, who are somewhat liberal parents and who were once trouble-making teens themselves. Teens who were caught up in sex, drugs, and other things parents are usually scared of. Like with most parents, they now have their own teenagers to deal with and if they kids don’t end up in jail, Dave & Vicky think that they did their jobs as parents. Each kid has their own problems so it’s not just one of the kids like in other sitcoms. Their cute daughter Hillary is dating boys the parents don’t approve of, and doing typical teenage daughter things. Their son Larry isn’t your go-after-chicks kind of guy, in fact he’s sort of the opposite. He likes musicals and it scares Dave. Their youngest kid, Mike, just plays video games & is filled with hormones. I’m not sure it’s this season or the next, but he ends up dealing drugs and being a lot more mischievous & a big time schemer. But besides all there kids getting into trouble, the parents are usually just as guilty with stirring the pot so to speak with their own children, neighbors, etc.

The one thing that I like about War at Home is its not afraid to say something that people think, but never say. Yeah some things may be racist or insensitive or sexist, but this sitcom actually uses those types of things as their punchlines. If there are two sitcoms that this show borrows or gives a salute to is All in the Family and Married with Children. I also think of Grounded for Life when I watch this sitcom. My thoughts on Michael Rapaport is on & off, sometimes I think he’s a funny guy and then sometimes I find him annoying. I think he’s both of those on War At Home. Sometimes he has a lot of funny lines and then sometimes he’s just too over the top and obnoxious. I think the kid actors are all right and funny. The daughter is hot and that’s all she’s really there for I think. She’s legal right? I think the squeaky musical loving son Larry is funny. He sort of looks like the teenager version of Fat Mike from NOFX. I don’t think the youngest son comes into his own til later on in the season and season 2. He sort of quiet in the first few episodes. But all three kids portray teenagers realistic and you don’t get that in a lot of sitcoms. But the War at Home isn’t all just about the kids either, the parents have a lot of problems and issues without the kids.

If you like War at Home and think you might want to get it on DVD to watch a bunch of times, then go for it! I liked War at Home but sort of lost interest in it towards the end of the season. The DVD special features include a gag reel, some unaired scenes and a featurette about the show.

– Unaired scenes
– Gag Reel
– Living Room Confessions


Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic)


Favorite Scenes: The Empire Spanks Back, Like a Virgin, I.M What I.M, Guess Who’s Coming to Bar-B-Q
Rating: NR
Running Time: 474 minutes
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