Wild Boyz- The Complete 2nd Season

DVD Reviews | Apr 18th, 2005

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Starring Steve-O and Chris Pontius with special appearances by Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Manny Puig and the shows creators
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Studio: Paramount
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If you have a great appreciation for “Cringe Humor”, you will find Wild Boyz, The Complete 2nd Season funny. It is like “Jack-Ass” on crack. It makes Johnny Knoxville seem sane! It also makes you wonder just exactly how far one is willing to go to make a buck.

Each episode begins with the disclaimer that these guys are truly professionals (sure) and are trained by professionals! It appears that most of this stuff is not really thought out or planned. In fact it appears most times as two drunk guys playing “I Double Dog Dare You To!” They also state that they do not hurt any of the animals they use in the episode. While I will agree with that, it does show the animals hurting them!

Episode 1 takes place in India. Here Steve-O and Chris show us just how one would go about getting peed on by an elephant, charm snakes (apparently one of the few things that really freaks out Steve-O!) and getting your face pierced with a skewer! One scene that was particularly disturbing was the Hindu foot lick. Not the first one with the elderly man, but the second one with the man who had disfigured feet!

Episode 2 takes the Boyz to Brazil for some fun in the sun. Here we get to watch them get shocked by an electric eel, as they hold hands in the water dressed in very skimpy clothes! Kind of makes you wonder. We also get to see them stick their hand in a glove of red fire ants to prove their manhood. This is one of the few times you see both Steve-O and Chris unable to handle their task. In the extras DVD, you find out that they went to the emergency room after the ants.

In Episode 5, the Boyz are right here in the USA. They are in southern Florida in the Everglades. This episode, features Johnny Knoxville and Manny Puig. Here we see Steve-O swim with Jellyfish and get a hot-dog whipped out of his ass. Here too the deleted DVD extras come in handy. Did you know that if you get stung by Jellyfish, you can pee on yourself to take away the sting? Just a little advice in case you need it!

I think one of my favorite episodes was Episode 7 in East Africa. This one includes Wee Man. It also includes another “little person” Wee Ranger who takes the group around. It was extremely funny to watch them dressed as bananas while observing the gorillas! Monkeys are always funny.

The Special Features are large enough to warrant their own DVD. Well over an hour of material. If you are a huge fan of “man-ass” and vomit this DVD is worth watching. The cow-blood scene is especially disturbing. Even my iron-clad vomit reflex was tested. I did determine from watching these deleted scenes, that Steve-O may actually be the most sane of the two! He does at times second guess what they are about to do.

I did enjoy watching Wee-Man go on his “Safari” to the night club. Wee Man is truly a trip! Most of the deleted scenes show Steve-O and Chris running around in loin-cloths getting extremely drunk, wrestling animals, partaking in weird ritual customs of the country they are in, and being their usual outrageous selves.

This section claims that it is uncensored, after reading the fine print on the back of the case, you find out that it’s just as they call it “unbleeped curse words”, all frontal nudity (male and female) is blurred out. Interestingly enough, Steve-O’s penis tattoo is not!

Overall, if you enjoy watching people make “jackasses” out of themselves (no pun intended), or enjoy bodily function humor, you can certainly watch this DVD and enjoy it. Just please make sure you are not eating while watching!

Commentary featuring Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville Wee Man and Show Creators
Never-before-seen bonus segments
Outtakes & Bloopers Behind-the-Scenes featurette: Wildboyz Unclothed
Wildboyz Encyclopedia & Trivia Game
Bite List & Photo Gallery
Unbleeped Cusswords

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Standard 1.33:1 Color


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Rating: NR
Running Time: 172 minutes
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