Wings: The Complete Fifth Season

DVD Reviews | Nov 1st, 2007

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Starring Tim Daly, Steven Weber, Crystal Bernard, Thomas Haden Church, Rebecca Schull, Tony Shalhoub, David Schramm, Farrah Forke
Written By:
Directed By: Rick Beren, James Burrows
Studio: Paramount
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One of my old time favorite show is back and better than ever! With each season of Wings, it just gets better and better. There are a lot of classics in this season and any fan of the show should go out and get this DVD!

For those of you who don’t know what Wings is about, it’s about a small airline company in Nantucket called Sandpiper Air. Good thing I have spell check on this computer and never lived in MA because I can never spell Massachusetts. The show centers around Joe and Brian Hackett who run the airline, Helen who runs the lunch counter, Antonio the local taxi driver, Lowell the dim-witted Airport mechanic/handy man and Roy who runs the competing airline. Together you have a well-written show with plenty of laughs! This season, some of the episodes are about Brian and Alex working on their relationship, Helen dating an investor who turns Joe & Sandpiper down, Joe goes crazy finally with dealing with everyone’s problems. Other highlights include old man Carlton Blanchard returning again but this time he’s with his equally obnoxious nephew. We also get to finally see Joe’s crazed stalker, Sandy Cooper. She appears on the show two or three more times I believe. Whenever those characters appear on the show, I know it’s going to be a hilarious episode.

I thought this DVD had a lot of hilarious episodes on it. The first few seasons, we were just getting to know the characters of Nantucket. Since they have things established now, you get to see a lot of funny stuff. The troubled relationship of Brian and Alex was always fun to watch. I liked how we finally get to see Joe snap and just don’t care so much about things. Of course that’s only temporary because he’s back to work a few episodes after he snapped. I would have went berserk if I had to deal with everyone’s stupid problems too. I always like the Alex years on Wings because, well she’s nice to look at. But I also thought the writing was at its peak then. I do believe the show gets better with each season though. I’m still upset that the show isn’t on TV anymore. I actually think this is the season I started to watch the show. I remember seeing Joe propose to Helen in the elevator and it was funny to me. After that, I ended up watching the show religiously and look forward to seeing every season on DVD.

I don’t know if season five stands out from the rest of the seasons but it’s certainly a funny season with a lot of great episodes. I always enjoyed the episode with Brian and Alex trying to do it for the first time. But then Joe and Helen end up in their cabin as well, and it’s just a night of hell for everyone except Joe. Joe is enjoying the evening because everyone dragged him out to fly them places and had nothing to do anyway. The Sandy Cooper episodes always make me giggle because it’s great to see Joe go completely crazy by proving to everyone that Sandy is a stalker. I also think as the seasons go by, Antonio and Lowell get funnier and funnier as well. As soon as Tony Shalhoub joined the cast, the show skyrocketed on the humor chart. Brian and Joe are great in their own ways but all the sub-characters are just as good as well. That’s what makes this show so fantastic. If you like TV shows like Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld, Spin City, Newsradio and other comedy sitcoms with a great ensemble cast; you’ll love this season of Wings. I just wish Paramount would give the fans some bonus material but I’m just happy the show is on DVD finally.


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Favorite Scenes: An affair to Forget, Black Eye affair, Joe Blows part 1 and 2, 2 Good 2 B 4 Gotten, Come Fly With Me, Say Uncle Carlton, Boys Will Be Girls, A Decent Proposal
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