Wings: The Complete Fourth Season

DVD Reviews | May 16th, 2007

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Starring Tim Daly, Steven Weber, Crystal Bernard, Thomas Haden Church, Rebecca Schull, Tony Shalhoub, David Schramm, Farrah Forke
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Studio: Paramount
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Wings is back on DVD with another funny season. The first three seasons were okay but this is when the show started to get really great. They had a few seasons to flesh out some of the characters, and get some backstory out of the way. But now it’s time to just see the whole cast having fun. From this season until the very last season, Wings was hilarious and I think, very underrated. After all, this show spawned Monk and Sandman.

When we last left the gang from Nantucket, they were all headed to Boston to see Helen perform with the Boston Philharmonic, but the plane had to make an emergency landing. At first you think everything is all good, and they arrived safely back to the airport. But then Lowell wakes up and they are all stuck in a lifeboat, stranded in the middle of the ocean. They eventually get rescued and Joe has to find some way of getting his airline up and running again. Eventually the plane gets salvaged and there’s a lot of fixing up to do. Once the airline is back to normal, a new person shows up on the island and she’s got the attention of Joe & Brian. She’s a hot, ex-soldier and a helicopter pilot and she starts to date Brian in the eventually. It takes most of the season for her to come around and date him. Some of the episodes in Season 4 include: Roy passes out at Fenway singing the national anthem, Helen and Lowell go on a date, Brian sinks Lowell’s houseboat and he ends up staying at the Hackett’s, Helen goes on a date with a guy with an annoying laugh, Brian & co try to sneak into Clint Black’s party, and Brian tries to impress Alex by taking her on a date to Maine, and Alex finds out he does that on all his dates. Plus there’s many more funny episodes in season four!

This season seems shorter than the other seasons but maybe it’s because I just watched all the episodes in a matter of a few days. I’ve seen all the Wings episodes many times but I just love that they are DVD so I can watch the episodes over and over again. Wings is definitely in my top 10 favorite TV shows. Tony Shalhoub’s Antonio starts to get a lot funnier this season and Thomas Haden Church’s Lowell is a lot funnier as well. He sort of has the Homer Simpson syndrome, where he gets dumber as each season goes by. But then again, dumb people are pretty funny. The rest of the cast are just as funny. Tim Daly and Steven Weber have such great chemistry together that you almost think of them as brothers. Just seeing them fight over and trying to outwit one another for a girl seems like something I would do with my brothers. I loved the addition of Farrah Forke because that island needed some new blood, and good-looking blood I might add. Out of all the Wings episodes of the series, I always love the Carlton Blanchard episodes. The guy is such an old cranky jerk but you can’t help but laugh at everyone putting up with crap. It’s especially enjoyable to see how Antonio reacts to him ever since being stuck in a plane with him for a few days. I know I would probably wish death on the man…the character, not the actor!

Season 4 has a lot of great episodes in it. I don’t necessarily think there are any stand-out episodes but each one is great in their own way. I just can’t wait for Season 5 now! If you are looking to watch the TV show on DVD, then be sure to get Season 4 of Wings! But don’t look for any extras because there aren’t any. I wish there was commentary and a cast reunion or outtakes or something! I know i’ve seen their outtakes on that Funniest Bloopers show! But anyway, get Wings Season 4 now!


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Favorite Scenes: Blackout Buggins, Two Jerks and Jill, Exit Laughing, I’ve Got A Secret, I Love Brian, Date Package Number Seven
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Running Time: 493 minutes
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