X-Files Mythology: Abduction

DVD Reviews | Jun 22nd, 2005

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Starring Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny
Written By: Chris Carter
Directed By:
Studio: Fox
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My friend had a problem with the X-Files, as did most of us, but he said it the best. “You don’t uncover a worldwide, government, alien conspiracy, then go chasing fish-men.” We were all there, waiting for the episode to start, hoping it would be the one where we found out what happened to Mulder’s sister, only for it to be one where some girl cries and it starts to rain. Well, I guess they heard our pleas and they got rid of the fish-men.

This 60-episode series goes through nothing but the alien abductions. The first box-set has 15 episodes from seasons 1, 2, and 3 (1993-1995) covering the pilot episode to the appearance and later, the death of Deep Throat, to the Lone Gunmen, the X-files getting shut down, then reopened by Skinner. From Krycek to Scully being kidnapped and returning with the chip in her neck, the deaths of Mulder’s father and Scully’s sister. Any fan of the X-Files will know what I am talking about, and will be as pleased with this as I am. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the X-Files, here’s a brief synopsis:

FBI Agent Fox Mulder is assigned to the X-Files, cases that all have one common thread, they’re unexplained, and unsolved. OK, I guess that’s two. When he was 12, Mulder witnessed the abduction of his sister, and has spent his life searching for the truth about what happened to her. He is brilliant and obsessed making him know as, “Spooky Mulder” in both the FBI and the Alien-obsessed, conspiracy-obsessed community. He has not found any concrete evidence, but has asked enough questions to warrant attention. Enter Scully.

FBI Agent Dana Scully is pretty much the opposite. He faith lies in science and her answers reflect logical thought, rather than Mulder’s far-fetched ideas. She was teaching at the FBI academy until being reassigned as Mulder’s partner. He believes she is there to spy on him, and he isn’t far off, yet she is brought more into his world than he to hers. However, her skepticism keeps Mulder grounded where he would usually fly off to whatever end, no matter how little sense it makes. Basically, part Scooby Doo, part the Odd Couple, and part Ed Wood.

So there’s your synopsis, and, well, if you don’t know about the X-Files by now, um… yeah, get your head out of your ass.

Commentary on Selected Episodes
Chris Carter’s All-New Abduction Documentary “Threads of Mythology”
Exclusive Collectible Mythology Timeline

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