Cold Winter

Game Reviews | Jun 16th, 2005

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Company: Vivendi Universal Games
Platform: Playstation 2
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It’s been awhile since I played a video game that didn’t involve Star Wars or World War II. But I had the opportunity to review a new game that was a first person shooter game and that’s the type of video game I like! Cold Winter is about Andrew Sterling, a British MI6 agent, being held in a Chinese prison and waiting execution. A friend from his past helps him escape the prison, and later hires you to work for him for his security agency.

It took me awhile to get into the game and figure out the controls. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be killings lots of people in no time! The game is very similar to the James Bond video games and I’m glad! Those are like the only games I really play besides Hockey games, Star Wars, LOTR games. I like the way first person shooting games are now because they have come along way since Duck Hunt. They have become really realistic and it’s scary how real things get. In the video game, you start off escaping the prison and it takes you a few checkpoints to get thru the mission. Like in any first person shooter game, You start off with a just a pistol, and can use the pistol to smack the shit out of the person if you happen to run out of bullets. Another helpful item you start off with is some health shot thing that knocks up your health, and you can use it all the time. You just have to pick your spots when using it because people can still be shooting you when you are dosing up.

As you go thru the board, you can drag objects, pick them up and throw them. You can move tables, flip them over for cover, shove them and all sorts of thing. When you kill your enemies, there’s lots of blood. After they are dead, you can hover over them and press X, that will search the body for weapons, intel, and whatever else the dead body is holding. That’s really the main way to get new ammo and weapons. You can find crates and smash them and get items as well. Sometimes you run into closed doors and have to find some keys, either on a body or in a closet. I’m only on the second level so far and you can navigate through the sewers as well, you just need to find a crowbar.

When I actually decide to play this game (too busy ya see), I usually play it for a few hours because you get so wrapped into the game and just want to press on. I’ve only played the story mode so far but there is also online play and you can play with other gamers across the globe. There’s also multiplayer mode with up to 4 split screens but I haven’t had anyone over to play it with me yet. The different types of games (6 different modes) you can play in the multiplayer sounds promising and seems like a lot of fun. The modes are: Death Match, King of the Hill, Flag Tag, Domination, Last Man Standing and Head Match. I’ll definitely be playing those in the future. Another aspect of the game I liked was the excessive amount of cursing, including the usual gems like “Fuck” and “Shit.” You just don’t see that in games too much. The graphics are decent, nothing to brag about, but nothing to complain about either.

Overall, if you like games like Goldeneye, Halo, or Red Faction; Cold Winter is a game to check out. There’s fun to be had for hours with it, and is a very entertaining first person shooter game.

Bottom Line:
Favorite Aspects: I like how it’s similar to other first person shooting games. It was easy to figure out the controls. Oh, plus I like all the violence and cursing!
Overall Rating: