Life Line

Game Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Company: Konami
Platform: Playstation 2
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Lifeline is the first entirely voice-activated game on Playstation 2. You control some things like opening doors (wow) with the controller but you have to use your voice for the most part. The game takes place in an alien-infested space station. You play a character that is stuck in the control room of the ship. You help the character Rio, who’s not in the control room with you, find what she’s looking for. She tries and helps you find your girlfriend that you lost on the ship. I thought the game was kind of annoying and boring. I’ll tell you why.

I found myself cursing at the character because she wouldn’t do what I wanted to do. Yeah, you are suppose to speak certain terms but when I did that, the female character Rio didn’t do it and it just made me scream at the TV even more than I usually do. Instead of doing the controls yourself, you have to speak everything and that’s just really annoying to do. You have to wait for the character to go somewhere or to talk before you can tell her what to do. That’s why I think it’s boring because I just want to get the character and do a bunch of things and not have to wait for the character to interact with me.

The voice thing makes me feel like a loser as well. You feel like you’re just talking to yourself. haha. You tell the character where to shoot like at the head or eyes and that’s annoying as well. I just want to be able to aim and shoot. Not have to repeat the word shoot over and over, and then tell the character to move to the left and shoot. Oh, and then I need to back up so then I have to say that as well. I’m so used to controlling the characters myself that I find this method tedious. I still think the voice-activated games are a cool idea, but I think they should associate the voice thing gradually. Like have the gamer control the character but you use the voice activation to interact with the characters more. I didn’t have fun playing this game. Maybe you’ll think differently than me.

Bottom Line:
Favorite Aspects: It’s cool you can boss around a character with your voice.

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