Game Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Company: Atari
Platform: Playstation 2
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This was sent to me but it’s only a trade demo so I only got to play a small portion of this PS2 game. I couldn’t be any other characters besides Hot Shot, and I could only play one level.

Transformers isn’t the first game based on the popular animated series, but it’s really fun to play that’s for sure! While I only played one level of the game, I certainly got the gist of the game and what’s it all about. Just like the series, you fight against the Decepticons or Decepti-pukes as Ironhide liked to call them. I think his name was Ironhide? Anyway, As you play the game, you come upon “mini-cons”, little Transformers that give you different action moves and weapons. While you play, Optimus calls you every 5 seconds and tells you your next mission. That tends to get annoying. they should have had him explain stuff in the beginning of the level and then let you play.

The character that you play starts out with a basic shooting weapon, and you can transform or stay as a robot, you can also jump and fire missiles, well once you get your first mini-con. The Decepticons or the clones of them are little weak robots that explode with 2 shots. I’m assuming they get tougher to beat as the game progresses. I think it’s pretty cool that you can transform or not. I usually transform if I don’t feel like walking. haha. I think Hot Shot is the fast Transformer out of the bunch you play.

One thing that’s excellent is the graphics. Rendering of the game is just top notch and it makes the game more fun to play because of it. If the graphics blew monkey nuts, I wouldn’t be interested in it. When I first put on the game, it’s kind of confusing on how to start the game but that might be the trade demo I had. I’m saying to myself, how the hell do I start the game?! Maybe I’m just a retard? I don’t know. I kind of wished I got the full release of the game though because I would have like to be the ultimate Transformer, Optimus Prime. You have a choice of being Optimus, Hot Shot, or Red Alert. At the end of each level, you play a more well known Decepticon. Of course I suck and couldn’t even get to the end of the first level. I’ll get there eventually, but I’ll probably rent the game or buy this soon to continue where I left off….Which was the beginning haha. Fans of Transformers will most likely want to check out this game because it’s a lot of fun, and looks excellent!

Bottom Line:
Favorite Aspects: The graphics are great, and it’s just the freakin’ Transformers man!
Overall Rating: