The Dropkick Murphys @ Teaneck American Legion, Teaneck NJ

Live Reviews | Mar 20th, 1999

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Opening Bands: Oxymoron, Ducky Boys
Date: March 20th 1999
Venue: Teaneck American Legion, Teaneck NJ

Continuing on the “Gangs all Here” Tour, Dropkick Murphys and Co. stopped to this stuffy little American Legion Hall in New Jersey. There was about 600 kids there. Only 400 were let in. Luckily, we were there early, and SPECIAL THANKS TO HEATH for hooking us up.

We appreciate it. So we got inside and the bands had to play in front of a whole room full of people with no stage. I knew this was going to be trouble, with lots of punks and skins dancing, they would eventually knock in the bands. First up were Hudson Falcons. They were pretty good. They had the local kids singing along, and dancing. We then went outside to get some air, and to hang out so I missed The Ploys. We then came back inside during the break and the Ducky Boys were up. This was when all the craziness started.

The Ducky Boys opened up with “These are the Days,” and “Out of the Rut” from there new album “Dark Days.” The crowd went wild and Bryan and I were crushed against the wall by the pit swaying back and forth. I hate pits that are like that. It’s frustrated that you can’t control it. So after Ducky Boys rocked the house, hall whatever..

Oxymoron, was up. They have been one of my new favorites. It took them a while to set up since tons and tons of people moved to the front to try and sing along. The speakers were getting bumped and almost fell over and the pit got worse and worse, to the point they were knocking and falling into the band. The band kept playing as best they could. I was kinda disappointed that they didn’t play a lot of songs from the only album I have of their’s “The Pack is back.” They still kicked ass though.

We then had enough of the inside atmosphere and decided to just chill and listen to dropkick outside since you could hear them fine from the merch tables in the back part of the club. Before Dropkick went on, there was some things going on. We were out near the parking lot and street where tons of punks and skins were arguing and there was a big fight. I knew something was escalating since I heard them talking before hand. I was surprised the cops weren’t around for that since they were there most of the night. So the fight was hilarious. I thought that was funny shit.

Finally Dropkick went on and they played the usual “Cadence to Arms,” with “Do or Die,” “Never alone,” and lots of new ones as well. The cops then started showing up in numbers, and we decided to split before something more drastic would occur like a rumble, riot or whatnot. Anyway, it was a good show and nice experience. Thanks again to Heath for hooking us up.


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