Less Than Jake @ Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT

Live Reviews | Jul 19th, 2000

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Opening Bands: Cooter, A New Found Glory
Date: July 19th 2000
Venue: Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT

Well what can I say other than this show KICKED ASS! About a million people were outside waiting to get tickets… Should have gone to Strawberris and gotten them there like I did…So I get inside, and Subcity Project is already on. Emo… Ech. I’m not usually a fan, but they were pretty good. Surprisingly enough, an ARA booth was there, so I got some cool shit from them that I’d always wanted to get.

And then… Cooter was on. I went up real close for them, because I had always wanted to see em. These guys rocked the house, dealing out some sweet ass music that I definately liked. However…. The crowd was being quite annoying… Shoving over and over and over again…. I get sick of shows like this…Ohwell.

Next up were the Impossibles I think. Or was it New Found Glory? Ohwell. The Impossibles sucked. Plain and simple. They used to be ska, but now they are emo trash. Awful awful awful.And then A New Found Glory. THEY KICK ASS! I love em! Emo or Punk or whatnot, they are so damn good! I recomend this band to ANYONE wholikes music in the least.

And then Less Than Jake. One of my favorite bands. They brought the house down… Playing every single damn song I wanted them to… I can’t even name em all, save thank god they played Johnny Quest, because that just made me almost roll over and die because it sounded so damn good. And for an encore, when they ended the show with “Last One Out of Liberty City” and got a circle pit going, I jumped in and went crazy as well… Awesome awesome awesome.


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