Pilfers @ Globe Theatre, Norwalk, CT

Live Reviews | Jan 30th, 1999

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Opening Bands: Edna’s Goldfish, Sgt Scagnetti, Category 5
Date: January 30th 1999?
Venue: Globe Theatre Norwalk, CT

On Jan. 30th my friends and I gathered at the Globe Theatre in CT to see The Pilfers with Edna’s Goldfish, Sgt.Scagnetti and Category 5. I never been there before and it was a great place to have a show. Unfortunately, the Connecitcut Ska kids suck. They are so boring. This was one of the better lineups of bands I’ve seen in one show in awhile. Well, They just didn’t get into it.

Sgt. Scagnetti warmed up the crowd first. They were great as usual, but as you may know, no energy in the crowd. I was dancing and so were a few other people, but not many other kids danced. There was a good amount of people there and they just stood there bopping there heads. Sgt. Scagnetti should have gotten more credit than they received from this crowd. They played some of my favorite newer songs like “Sideshow,” and “Hellspawn.” Up next, was Edna’s Goldfish, who are our friends from Long Island, NY. They also got Bryan and I on the guestlist, so we thank them for hooking us up like that. Personally, I felt they should have played the number three slot, with no offense to Category 5. They just have that excitement and energy as The Pilfers do.

Well, Edna’s Goldfish just kick some major ass, and they rule. Those CT kids don’t know what they are missing. I forgot what order the songs went in, but they played most from their new Ska Satellite records “Before You Knew Better.” like “Justless,” “Sunrise to Sunset,” “Eventually, Anyway.” Also they played “Veronica Sawyer” which is still unreleased. Overall, they were really great, but they knew it was tough, and the crowd wasn’t getting into it. It’s hard to do a show when everyone is just sitting there. I think they finally started getting into it when Coolie Ranx came out to sing with Brian for the song “Purple.”

So after that was Category 5. I liked Category 5 but they should have played first or second. They have some good songs, like their faster ones. I’m not into the slower stuff. They also made the crowd happy by feeding them. They threw out bagels and Blow Pops. They had these kids throw them out and they couldn’t skank for anything. So they were pretty good.

Finally, The Pilfers were up. They started off with the usual, “Intro/Dr. Kevorkian” followed by “Rollercoaster,” “Hypnotized,” and “Saga.” They also played crowd favorites like “Generation,” and “Shits up in the air,” and “Waitin 4 U.” Speaking of that, Bryan was at the front of the stage, waiting for Coolie and he finally gave him the mic, and Bryan sang the wrong verse to the song. My friend and I started laughing at him and making fun of him. Now that was hilarious. Also Bryan got spit from Vinnie’s trombone in his eyes. Funny, but disgusting. Then they finished the set off with “Yakuza.” I sang along with Coolie for the last verse of the song, and unlike some other brothers I know, I didn’t forget the words. Well, I guess he was nervous. Oh Well, maybe next time.


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