Ska Mob Tour 2004 @ CBGB, NYC

Live Reviews | Jan 24th, 2004

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Opening Bands: King Django, Dr. Ring Ding, Westbound Train
Date: Saturday January 24th, 2004
Venue: CBGBs, NYC

God, CBGB’s ( is such a pit. But I guess they wouldn’t have it any other way.

We got there early, but still missed Rudie Crew. Sorry guys. Westbound Train ( was finishing up as we walked in. The 1st 2 songs I heard could have been tighter. But their closer was pretty good. They were a lot of young people there for it and the band got them all moving.

After a short set change, Eastern Standard Time ( took the stage. They started with some of their originals, and I must say, I was quite impressed. Good horn section and very tight. As their name would indicate (old Skatalites tune) they play straight up Jamaican ska a rare find these days. They went onto back both Ring Ding and Django. No set changes gotta love that. I got a chance to meet Richie Senior (AKA Dr. Ring Ding) just before he went on ( Very nice guy, and I was pretty psyched to meet him, as I’ve been a big fan for several years.

EST brought him out to a good reception from the crowd. He started with a new number “I’m not a licensed Physician” or something like that. And went on to play originals from the Senior All-Stars days Call 809, Ram Di Dance, Dance All Night, Ruckumbine, etc. During Call Di Doctor he showed off his “hiccup-style” lyrical methods which drew some big applause from the crowd. For a guy whose native language is German, he sure does well with English lyrics in a Jamaican-reggae style. Ring Ding was definitely worth the wait.

The good doctor exited the stage and was quickly replaced by King Django ( Django played songs off the Stubborn All-Stars CD’s, including Tin Spam & Tired of Struggling, as well as some off his solo effort Reason. He played more punk stuff last time I saw him, so I was very pleased to see him do his old ska material. Ring Ding returned to join Django on stage for a jam finale. I believe they played Unity (great duet) and possibly some other stuff. The night was a little fuzzy from that point on. (Damn those Sierra Nevadas are strong.) This tour was pretty hyped up on the Toasters’ message board. The Ska Mob did not disappoint. Big up to Eastern Standard Time for playing over 2 hours straight.


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