Stereophonics @ Terminal 5, NYC

Live Reviews | Sep 23rd, 2013

Opener: The Wind + The Wave
Terminal 5, New York City
Sept 21, 2013

For the first time in 5 years, Stereophonics were back in the US on tour. In support of their newly released record “Graffiti on the Train,” Kelly Jones and company didn’t disappoint as they played nearly 2 hours, through 8 albums.

Opening the show was The Wind + The Wave, who were a last minute addition to the tour. Hailing from Texas, The Wind + The Wave had a tough assignment because a lot of folks piled into the club early to get a good spot on the floor for the headliners, but the fans paid their respects. A duo that reminds me of Neko Case and K.T. Tunstall, they had a few good catchy songs with that Texas attitude.

Then the band we all were waiting for, Stereophonics were up. A few changes since they last played over here losing drummer Javier Weyler in 2012, and ex-drummer Stuart Cable passed away suddenly in 2010. Stereophonics also were in the middle of switching labels and building their own recording studios so the last record, they weren’t able to make it over to the US on tour.

“Graffiti on the Train” was released overseas in March 2013 and has been burning up my ipod for months now, which is always beneficial when an overseas band comes over, you are already prepared to sing along! The album was just released in the US in September.

The band started off things on a fast note with new track “Catacomb” and that set the crowd into a frenzy. Also, it’s quite noticeable that Kelly Jones really likes to jam and get down in this song, moving all over the stage. In the past, he’s usually more reserved and closer to the mic stand. Also, I was really surprised how great the new tune “Violins and Tambourines” sounded especially near the end of the song when it picks up and the orchestra goes nuts. The keyboard player must have had it stored on there because it sounded awesome. A few rarities came out in the setlist like “Nothing Precious At All,” and “Billy Davey’s Daughter.” Of course, they played all the crowd favorites like “Maybe Tomorrow,” “Have A Nice Day,” and “Dakota.”

Another unforgettable experience & performance by (the) Stereophonics. Shame the weather sucked on the way out leaving in a downpour but nothing was going to put a damper on our spirits. Now, we have to get the band to head over to the States more frequently than 5 YEARS!

Photos from the show are found below as well as a full gallery at my Flickr page here: Flickr- Matt Kremkau Photography

Full Set List: (h/t to

Local Boy in the Photograph
Graffiti on the Train
We Share the Same Sun
Indian Summer
Have a Nice Day
Live ‘n’ Love
Vegas Two Times
Mr Writer
Nothing Precious at All
Maybe Tomorrow
Roll the Dice
Violins and Tambourines
Been Caught Cheating
It Means Nothing
In a Moment
The Bartender and the Thief
Billy Davey’s Daughter
Just Looking
A Thousand Trees


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