The Kids in The Hall @ The Town Hall, NYC

Live Reviews | Feb 10th, 2000

Kids In The Hall - The Complete Collection + Digital
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Date: February 10th 2000
Venue: The Town Hall, NYC

We bought our tickets in October and it was worth the wait. Man, this was a great show. We went down on a Thursday showing of Kids In The Hall and that was the opening show but since this tour was such a hot ticket they kept adding a lot of shows, esp. in NYC. Anyway, We parked at Port Authority and walked a couple of blocks into Time Square.

It was my first time standing in Time Square and it was hurting my eyes. We continue to walk and we see a shitload of people in the streets so we get on line. I was trying to see if I saw any famous people there but I figured it was a Thursday night and no one would be here that is famous or whatever. We get into the Theatre and it wasn’t that big and any seat that you sat in, you can see the stage well..not ours..haha..We had first row to the left. We had to sit awkward to see the stage since our seats were facing a wall.

Our seats were right near the dresser room/stage door. I was looking around to see if there was any famous people inside and who do I see but my favorite Late Night Talk Show, Conan O Brien. Of course he’s going to stand out from most people. He’s got bright red/orange hair and is like 6′ 5. I wanted to meet him but I didn’t want to bother him. There was 3 big monitors on stage and with 15 minutes to show time, Mark Mckinney’s voice came on and said some stuff that the show is going to start soon and he said some funny stuff but I don’t remember. The lights went down and came Mark Mckinney’s voice again and told everyone to talk off their coats and for the ladies to take off their blouses..he insisted on having them take off their blouses. The theme song came on and out came the Kids dancing and strutting in their dresses and wigs. Man, don’t they look old! They did that secretaries skit and then we saw the stage door open and out came “Mr. Heavyfoot”…right in front of us. He proceeded to walk through the crowd until an usher came over to him and told him that he was going to the wrong spot and pointed to the balcony. Then “Buddy” came out and Scott Thompson is always funny when portraying “Buddy.”

The show was mostly of old characters in new situations and I don’t believe there was too many new skits. Skits that I laughed my ass off were mostly all of them but the ones that I can remember was the “two policeman” portrayed by Bruce McCulloh and Mark Mckinney. The Grim Reaper coming after the sick farmer is one of my favorites and I’m glad they did that one. I think one of the best one skits that night would have to be Mark Mckinney’s “I’m crushing your head” guy. That was good. The show lasted for about 2 hours straight and was hilarious!!! It’s so weird to see all these people you watch on the TV and see them on stage or right in front of you and don’t think anything of it. I’m glad I spent the 40 bucks for the ticket because it was definitely worth it. If you liked the show and missed getting a ticket. You guys missed out BIG TIME!


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