The Toasters @ Skater’s World, Wayne, NJ

Live Reviews | May 21st, 2000

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Date: May 21st, 2000
Opening Bands: Edna’s Goldfish, Professor Plum, Day 19, Asian Invasion, Big D and the Kids Table
Venue: Skater’s World Wayne NJ

Hey, what do you know, we are going to see Edna’s Goldfish again at Skater’s World. The Toasters headlined the show and we didn’t stay for that so, let’s start with the beginning. We got there thinking the doors would open at 6pm, like most places posted, but here its 8-8:15 and they didn’t let anyone in.

Apparently there was a birthday party that ran late and it took a while to get them out as well as set up. They are always late. Remember that. So we waited on line with a million of people.. well not a million. I think Bryan, Paul and I were the oldest ones there besides parents, and staff. There was so many little kids there. Speaking of little kids, we played video games most of the night. If Skater’s World didn’t have video games, it would suck. The first band started and it was their first show. I am sorry but they sucked. The band was called Asian Invasion. It was a bunch of local NJ kids who seemed to be in band class or something. Ok, enough bashing.

After that, was Professor Plum. They seem to have a few good songs. They also have a new singer I noticed. Next, was Big D and the Kids Table. I remember a few years ago I saw them open the New England Ska Fest and they were pretty bad, but now they seem to have been practicing and have gotten better. They acted all crazy and stuff and the bassist made the most stupid faces while playing I have ever saw. I wanted to take a picture of him and show him how stupid he looked. Other than that, they were good.

Fan favorites Day 19 were up next and they get better every time I see them. They played some new stuff as well which the new album will be out when they play the Warped Tour in Asbury Park on July 16th. So go get it. In between sets we watched Brian of Edna’s play South Park Pinball and when Day 19’s set ran out, he passed the reigns to me and I continued to play the pinball for at least another 30 mins. South Park is an easy pinball game. Tons of free games. Edna’s Goldfish came on, they rocked like usual, and Baldwin couldn’t make the show so they got some metalhead to fill in. It was pretty funny. He was good though. During the set Bryan decided to yell in the mic a few “TIMMY’s” South Park Reference I didn’t really hear him in the back too well. What A Dork. Anyway, we left after that because well, The Toasters have lost it.


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