Big Momma’s House

Movie Reviews | Jun 2nd, 2000

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Starring Martin Lawrence, Nia Long
Written By: Darryl Quarles, Don Rhymer
Directed By: Raja Gosnell

Another movie where someone dresses up in a woman’s outfit. It’s been done in Nutty Professor, Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire and now comes Big Momma’s House.

This movie gave me lots of laughs but I did have some problems with it. Martin L. is a cop or FBI, Martin and partner are sent to Georgia to stakeout at a house (Grandmother {Big Momma} to Nia Long’s character) and protect Nia Long and her son from her ex boyfriend who just escape out of prison .The opening scene did not make too much sense and was too short I think. It had Martin Lawrence undercover and it didn’t seem necessary to be in the movie besides show that Martin’s character dresses up in good disguises a lot.

I think they should have shown Nia Long’s ex boyfriend escape from prison or show him robbing the bank. That would have shown some character development that would make the ex convict look fierceful. Instead I was just left clueless on his character. Some of the scenes where Martin dresses as Big Momma are quite funny and to see him dance and do the robot was hiliarious! Another problem I had is when Martin’s character Malcom had to change disguises and actually goes out with Nia Long.

There wasn’t enough of him with her to have Nia Long’s character fall for him. It wasn’t believable to me. This movie is pretty predictable and you kinda figure out what’s gonna happen at the end. But it did make me chuckle a lot so I see no harm in seeing this movie, I just had some problems with it. The script seemed to be a little weak as well but overall it was funny but not as good as Blue Streak.

Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 98 minutes
Overall Rating:


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