Chicken Run

Movie Reviews | Jun 23rd, 2000

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Starring Rocky, Ginger, Babs, Mrs. Tweedy
Written By: Karey Kirkpatrick
Directed By: Peter Lord, Nick Park

From seeing the first trailer for Chicken Run, it seemed to be a fun movie to see this summer. It was definitely a fun movie, but I don’t know if every American kid will like it. From the sometimes hard to understand British accents to the dark elements in the movie, kids might not like it. But I seem to enjoy this movie.

The plot is basically a bunch of chickens trying to escape from Tweedy’s farm. Ginger is one of the main hens who tries to get everyone out. She fails every time and keeps getting caught from Mr. Tweedy. One day an American rooster happens to fly mistakenly over into the chicken farm. Ginger thinks he’s the savior who will get them out. Also Mrs. Tweedy is sick of being broke and wants to kill all the chickens and make pies out of them for money. The story was cute and funny at times.

I think the best part about the movie was the two rats that would deal with the chickens. They were surprisingly funny and I was surprised to see that Rocky the Rooster wasn’t in the movie that much as what I thought from the trailers. But he was still a main character. There was a lot of hidden spoofs in there like from movies Braveheart, Indiana Jones and the two rats even do a infamous Monty Python skit..something along the lines, “wanna come back to my place..uh all right.” But a little toned down for the children.

A big plus for the movie was the awesome claymation, which is not evolutionary or anything, it’s been done but it was still very cool to see, instead of some cheesy and bad space movie with flat animation and CGI in it. I’ll always prefer old style animation like claymation or Looney Tunes like cartooning over CGI. This movie will make about 100 million at the box office and I can see why, it’s a good kiddie movie and I hope it beats the hell out of stupid pokemon 2000. Definitely worth looking into to this summer.

Favorite Scenes: When the chickens are trying to fly
Rating: PG
Running Time: 84 minutes
Overall Rating:


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