Mission To Mars

Movie Reviews | Mar 10th, 2000

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Starring Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle , Tim Robbins, Jerry O’Connell , Kim Delaney , Elise Neal
Written By: Jim Thomas, John Thomas, Graham Yost
Directed By: Brian De Palma

I thought this movie was every sci-fi movie put into one. Which could be a bad or good thing.

So it can’t be consider original. As soon as I saw the opening scene, it reminded me like Deep Impact with the barbecue thing. I figured most of those people were going to die just because they didn’t focus on them as much as Don Cheadle. I thought the scene where they are on Earth and then all of a sudden you see them on Mars.

That’s what we consider in the movie biz as a “jump scene” or bad editing. Why not show this Mars exploration going there. The plot seemed good at one point to go and rescue the first team, but then it just turned to poo. The ending was very similar to the Abyss and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. If you’re gonna put an alien into a movie, try to do it a little bit like what people have been claiming what they look like..not this bright orange shit.

But maybe they do look like that. I don’t know. I thought Jerry O’ Connell was funny and good. He was the comic relief of the movie. I thought all the actors were good, just the movie was shitty. And this isn’t the only Mars movie that is coming out this year. Red Planet is coming out I believe this summer.

The one thing I really liked was the computer graphics. Mars and other things in the movie were amazing. Nice graphics, shitty plot. Even though I thought the movie was entertaining and okay, I still had a lot of problems with this movie.

Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 113 minutes
Overall Rating:


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