Runaway Jury

Movie Reviews | Oct 17th, 2003

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Starring John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz, Bruce Davison, Bruce McGill, Jeremy Piven, Luis Guzman, Nick Searcy, Stanley Anderson, Cliff Curtis, Nestor Serrano, Leland Orser, Marguerite Moreau, Dylan McDermott
Written By: Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Rick Cleveland, Matthew Chapman
Directed By: Gary Fleder

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get a chance to see this in the theaters or not but I managed to see it and was glad I did. The movie is about a very high profile court case involving gun control and a gun related murder.

One jury consultant never loses and fixes the jury selection and fixes most cases but this time he has met his match. Rachel Weisz plays the character “Marlee” who tries to buy the verdict and swing the jury’s votes to the highest bidder and has someone on the jury that’s manipulating the votes for her. It’s real twist court drama thriller that’s interesting, has great acting and an awesome cast. No, the twist wasn’t that all the jury members were dead or the movie wasn’t from a psycho’s multiple personality! Tee hee.

Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman were excellent in their specific roles. Gene Hackman is either 2 things in movies. The hero or the enemy that’s a big time prick. He’s was the later half and did a convincing job of it. Dustin Hoffman I think was trying to go for a New Orleans accent but not sure if he was, sounded like it but it didn’t really sound right to me. I guess he used a subtle approach. Anyway, He was excellent in the film. John Cusack is always awesome in flicks and he’s one of the reason why I wanted to see this movie. Finally he’s getting out of that romantic comedy zone and into some more interesting roles like in Identity and Runaway Jury. And whenever there is a John Cusack, there is Jeremy Piven. Another cool character type actor that’s good in anything he does but is underused in Runaway Jury. One girl who’s super pretty is Marguerite Moreau, from the Mighty Ducks movies. She certainly grew up into a lovely lady, who I’d love to bone.

There’s a shitload of other actor and actresses in this film. All the ones you have seen in the movies, but don’t know their names. “Ohh, that guy/girl?” All the gadgets and high-tech stuff reminded me of the movie Enemy of the State. People might not think these things exist but I’m sure they do, just not sure if they do this during trials. Well maybe for the Kobe Bryant case haha. But it makes the movie more interesting but the film probably could have worked without it. They could actually make a sequel to this movie if they really wanted to and have another different trial and use the high-tech gadgets again and it probably would still be interesting to watch. This movie is a entertaining and well acted courtroom drama/thriller so if you like those types of movies like 12 Angry Men, Kill A Mockingbird, A Few Good Men, etc. than you will like this flick.

Favorite Scenes: I loved how John Cusack interacted with the jury and acting was excellent.
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 127 minutes
Overall Rating:


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