Movie Reviews | May 18th, 2001

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Starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow
Written By: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, Roger S. H. Schulman
Directed By: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

Shrek was a wonderful story about an Ogre who lived in a swamp, until one day it was interrupted by a ton of fairy tale creatures.

Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) kicked out a lot of the fairy tale creatures out of their homes and Shrek (Mike Myers) didn’t want any of them living on his land so he decided to pay LordFarquaad a visit. Basically he made a deal with Lord Farquaad, but he had to save Princess Fiona from a dragon first. I thought this movie was great because of the story, the characters, the animation, and the concept. The story had everything. Lots of humor (aimed at adults mostly), romance, action, and drama.

I thought Myers and Murphy were a terrific team together and I hope they do more voice over work because this movie will definitely succeed because of them. Cameron Diaz did a good job doing the voice for Princess Fiona and John Lithgow was great as well. Eddie Murphy did the voice of Shrek’s sidekick, a talking donkey and he had most of them funny lines. Mike Myers did very good as the Scottish speaking ogre, but he didn’t really have a funny lines in the movie.

I laughed mostly at the stabs at Disney mostly. Katzenburg, who used to work at Disney, and now is one of the head guys at Dreamworks, produced this movie. I think Disney was even pissed at Dreamworks because of the blatantly stabs at them but whatever, I thought it was funny. Lord Farquaad’s castle and kingdom was a rip off of the Magic Kingdom, even the parking lots at Disney got spoofed! One thing I wished they did with this movie was have more of the Fairy Tale creatures like the Gingerbread man, the dwarfs, etc. Something has to be said of the animation.

The animation was awesome and I think Pixar ( Toy Story 1 + 2, Bug’s Life) has to pick it up a little now that they got good competition at Dreamworks. Though the land and creatures looked good, the humans still looked a little weird but I’m sure that was the style they wanted.

Favorite Scenes: I liked the scenes with the Gingerbread man, and I liked the Dating Game spoofed. Also I liked when Shrek was wrestling and at the very end when the Dwarfs and the donkey were singing Smash Mouth’s cover of “I’m a Believer.”
Rating: PG
Running Time: 0 minutes
Overall Rating:


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