The Musketeer

Movie Reviews | Sep 7th, 2001

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Starring Justin Chambers, Tim Roth, Catherine Deneuve, Mena Suvari, Nick Moran, Stephen Rea, Steven Spiers, Jan Gregor Kremp
Written By:
Directed By: Peter Hyams

Yet another movie based on Dumas’ novel. I was actually looking forward to this movie when I first read about in on AICN, and then the trailer looked awesome as well.

The story is about a young boy, D’Artagnan, who witnessed his parent’s death by Febre, played by Tim Roth. He then is raised by some old guy who trained his father (I think) to be a musketeer. D’Artagnan vows to kill his parents’ murderer and also vows to become a musketeer. 15 years later, he’s finally is grown up and he decided to go to Paris with his old friend who trained him and become a musketeer. Only to find out that the Musketeers are suspended, and lacking loyalty.

So I was disappointed with this film. I enjoyed it and thought it was entertaining, but there were many things wrong with it. The dialogue was sometimes laughable, the acting wasn’t the greatest, the editing sucked, and the story wasn’t interesting. I didn’t really care for a lot of characters. There wasn’t much character development there. So why did I see this you say? Because of the action! The action was the only thing good about this film, and that too, I had complaints about. I thought the cameras were in too close and you couldn’t see what was going on.

Plus the sound effects seemed too enhanced, but that’s because it was somewhat of a kung fu movie. The Matrix had the same things with the sound effects. I hate that, why must they make the sounds so loud that it’s totally unbelievable. I thought the action scenes were exciting to watch though. The one in the saloon was cool, the stage coach scene was good, even though other reviewers said that they used a scene from Indiana Jones in there.

The best scenes I liked though was the kitchen scene with D’Artagnan using a candle stick and rope to fight his way out. The other scene was the ending. D’Artagnan climbing up the castle and doing backflips and kicking guys off their ropes. Plus the D’Artagnan-Febre fight with the ladders was neat. Even though it was really far fetched and probably wasn’t original, I still liked it a lot. I thought their should have been more scenes with Nick Moran (Aramis) and the other known musketeers. I thought Nick Moran was good and a lot of the characters had some funny one liners.

David Arnold’s score was great too, it fit with the movie and was the typical “swashbuckling” type of score. It sounds something in the realm of Adventures of Robin Hood, Cutthroat Island and Indiana Jones. If you plan on seeing this movie, don’t go expecting too much, except to see some cool action scenes. But I suggest renting the movie when it comes out, though I thought it wasn’t as bad as other reviewers claim it to be. But what do I know. I think if you like 3 or 4 things in a movie, it’s a good movie. This isn’t a good movie, but it’s not bad movie either. You decide.

Rating: PG
Running Time: 104 minutes
Overall Rating:


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