The Others

Movie Reviews | Aug 10th, 2001

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Starring Nicole Kidman and some British people
Written By: Alejandro Amenábar
Directed By: Alejandro Amenábar

I didn’t want to see this movie because the trailer looked awful! That old lady who’s voice doesn’t go with the mouth just looked ridiculous. But anyway, the movie was okay.

The story is about a mother named Grace, played by Nicole Kidman who lives in some old house in England with her son and bitchy daughter. Man, are those kids annoying and pompous. I mean the whole family is pompous. They have some disease where they can’t make contact with sunlight. Vampires? Which means kill them now because what the fuck are they going to do all their life, live in a cave and be troll people? So to make the story more interesting and spooky to the viewer, they have this little thing with light to make the house always dark when the children are in that room.

Plus you can’t play the piano, go outside or do anything fun except being bored and being religious. How fun! Yeah, Grace really forced religions down the kid’s throats and they backlashed at her about it too which was funny to see. So anyway, she has a hard time handling everything since her husband is at the war front for WWII, so three servants come to the house to help. From there, all freaky things start to happen. Even though I’m talking like a big tough guy, I was screeching and cover my hands like a wimp the whole time.

My female friends who wanted to see this, weren’t as scared as I was. But I don’t like scary movies all that much. I wrote a whole column about me being scared of horror or ghost flicks before but after seeing the ending to this movie, I wasn’t as scared. There wasn’t anything gorey or slasher type of scariness to the film, but more mental like Sixth Sense and Blair Witch Project. Let me say that the ending does have a twist but wasn’t really original. I don’t want to spoil that so I’ll just leave that to you to see. Nicole Kidman does a great job as the psycho, religious mother and the two kids were good too. The little boy was adorable and the little girl was bitchy, which I guess was the the trait of the character. I just wanted to smack her. Another element that added to the film as being suspenseful was the music score. It was an old fashion type of thriller music, something similar to John’s William’s Jaws. So the movie was all right, nothing original, but was certainly creepy and it scared the hell out of me in most scenes because I’m a wuss. It might be worth it to see it for just the ending.

Running Time: 104 minutes
Overall Rating:


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