Three To Tango

Movie Reviews | Oct 22nd, 1999

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Starring Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell
Written By: Rodney Patrick Vaccaro
Directed By: Damon Santostefano

Another Fools Rush In type-of-movie but I liked this movie more because it was funnier. Matthew Perry was funny and so was Oliver Plait.

The movie is about these two guys trying to get this big job thing and Oliver Plait’s character is gay and everyone thinks Matthew Perry’s character is as well. And Matthew Perry falls in love with his boss’s mistress (Neve Cambell) even though everyone think’s he gay. This is def. a “chick flick” kind of movie but it was very funny. Why is it, that I always have gabby forty-year old women behind me talking about anything every fucking movie!

“Oh, he’s not good for her, blah blah blah” No more Mr. nice guy in the movie theaters. Every gossip house wife, old fart, kids, talking during the movie I haven’t seen already, with see my wrath!!! Oh yes, I will make them shut up, oh yes. So anyway, I think if you got a special someone to go see it with, then go see it. But I say wait to video if you’re not into these types of movies. Which I’m usually not so..By the Way- good swing music in the whole movie even though it had no business being in the whole damn thing.

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