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Movie Reviews | Nov 9th, 1999

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Starring Bond, James Bond..I Mean Pierce Bronson, Judi Dench, Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards, Robert Carlyle
Written By: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Bruce Feirstein
Directed By: Michael Apted

Another action packed Bond movie but I feel it’s all repetitive and nothing stands out.

I do feel it’s still a good entertaining movie. I actually like Pierce Bronson as a actor and as James Bond but no one can top Sean Connery. I never really saw any of the old Bond movies in full but i’ve seen all the Bronson ones.

Anyway, I thought I would see more of Robert Carlyle in the movie but he didn’t seem to play a big part compared to Sophie Marceau. In the beginning is a great boat chase with a heavy chested female and Bond. Another surprise was the great John Cleese in the movie. He was funny in it the part he was in and Cleese will most likely be in the other ones now because he took over that old guy with the gadgets job. Ok, next we come to a Bond girl who’s supposed to be a scientist , Denise Richards.

I don’t think she can act and I’ve seen porno stars act better than her. But she’s hot so who cares! I liked some of this movie but a lot of it’s the same old 007 movie. Someone gets kidnapped, one of the girls James bond screwed turns on him, there’s a battle at the end, usually in a submarine or some crap that like that. I still think it’s a highly entertaining movie and well done, especially with the stunts. If you like 007 movies, then this will be another good movie for you but I didn’t think it was too different from the others.

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