Interviews | Oct 30th, 1999

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I had the honor of interviewing Dave Rowntree of Blur. A true English gentleman, we sat with pipe and cognac to discuss in vivid detail his involvement in Empire Square, a cartoon for Fuse TV that has a fresh, sassy attitude!

Hey Dave, let’s pretend I’m kinda dumb. What’s the connection between Blur, Fuse, Empire Square, and Canadian power rock trio Rush?
Search me, but i just googled them together, and the top result was Is that any help?

What can one expect from an episode of Empire Square? If it were to air the same time as South Park or a televised Rush concert, how would you persuade me into watching Empire Sq. instead?
I think if you were ever considering watching the rush concert, you would be beyond rational argument.

Do you provide the voice of the British kid on the show? How come British people talk funny?
No, and we do it ‘cos we can.

Did Blur get their name because your drumming is faster than the eye could see, not unlike Neil Peart of Canadian power rock trio Rush?
Here we go, with the rush thing again. You’re one sick kiddo.

How would you describe the term “britpop” – in the form of a haiku?
In deciding how to answer the question, i’ve had to try and balance the amount of work involved with how much pleasure i’d get from the resulting haiku. So i’ve decided to ignore it.

Is it true that Blur is not only the creative force behind the Gorillaz, but the creative force behind ALL hip hop?
You mean someone from blur is in gorillaz? I though they were a cartoon? Show’s how much i know.

If Blur wrote a rock opera, what would be the theme?

Commercial suicide.

What’s up with blood pudding?
I don’t know. I’m not from t’north.

What’s a question you’ve always wanted to ask me?
I’ve never heard of you. Are you a girl?

I changed the words to “Tender” and I sing them to my cat Rusty.
They go something like:

Tender is my kitty
Because he is so pretty
Tender is my cat
Because he is all that

Cmon cmon cmon
Eat your dry food
Cmon cmon cmon
You’re the cutest kitty… in the world….
I’m waiting for my Rusty
I’m waiting for my Rusty… to purrrrr…..

Oh my kittttty Oh my kittttty
Oh my. Oh why? etc.

My question is, do I have to give you money every time I sing this song to my cat?
You have to give me money every day, regardless of what you do. Pay me. Pay me now.

Oh, that Blur! Go visit those zany Blur kids at For info on the Empire Square show, go to Fuse’s site.