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Interviews | Oct 30th, 1999

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What’s up with England?
It’s full of foot and mouth disease, due to also being full of incompetent government departments and the overriding lust for profit, the pandering to corporate politics i.e. business now has more power than government and can dictate policy; the UK has more teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, violent crime, and children born into poverty than any other European country, the cops shot dead a naked unarmed man in bed at 4 a.m. two years ago on a suspected drugs bust and have just been cleared of all charges; there’s an election next month which Labour will win only cos the opposition parties are so utterly crap; the largest area of ‘debate’ is the loss or otherwise of UK ‘sovereignty’ over its own affairs, should the country join Europe in a common currency, which, along with the scapegoating of ‘bogus’ asylum seekers, has brought out all the patriotic [i.e. racist bullshit]… but the sun’s out after oooh 8 months of floods and rain, so everyone’s, er, happy?

What does blood pudding taste like?
I wouldn’t know. Never had it, even when I wasn’t veggie. Blood? Poptarts? A Big Mac?

Your thoughts on George W. Bush?
Makes Clinton look like a saint. His remarkable stupidity and lack of conscience with regard to the effect of his [deliberate?] un-environmental policies of destroying any remaining areas above more oil, and reneging on the Kyoto agreement [which was more-or-less dependant on US co-operation to achieve a hopelessly minimal reduction in CO2 emissions], and his bullish stance against China [he needed a new foe to demonize, or what?], and his plans to shatter the nuclear balance held by the ballistic missile treaties of the 70s with Russia by imposing his new version of ‘Star Wars’….well, we’re fucked any way you look at it! [and this is all in the first 6 months!]….Then the guy says he’s Christian! So watch out for abortion laws, increased death penalty rates, rightwing fundamental funding and increased minority oppression….and he didn’t even get the most votes! [etc, etc]

What would you do if you could time travel?
I’d zip to 2101, check it out, then report back. Unless it was so good I’d want to stay there, but I imagine time travelers would need time visas for extended stays…. But if they invented time travel [or cars that run on air] do you think they’d tell us?! The whole fabric of everything [civilisation, family trees, lottery results] would get trashed!

What comprises your Ultimate Burrito?
The answer to this is SOOOO dull [large veggie, hold the cilantro] that I’ve had to parenthetise it, which is the first, but not last-as we shall shortly see- time I’ve ever used the word ‘parenthetise’ in an interview. See? You learn something new every day! [shoulda stayed in bed]

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