Pistol Grip (Stax)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Do you want to answer the generic “how did you guys get together?” question? If not, tell me something funny instead.
The question really does get boring after awhile. In his free time Hollywood works on writing songs and has recorded a few. They are hilarious. Some of the songs are, “Dude Beach”, and “Man Party”. He also has a song professing his love for Johnny Depp, pure gold.

Your new album “Tear It All Down” is one of the best punk albums I’ve heard in awhile. Are you pleased with the final product as much as I am?
I am pleased with it and it seems to be getting good reactions. I am our own worst critic though, so every time I hear it I think of what we could have done different or what we should have changed. It’s kinda hard not to pick apart your own album.

What’s more punk: To have a triple platinum record and drive a hummer OR appear on MTV Cribs and be married to a stripper?
What’s wrong with strippers? The triple platinum record because you can’t control who buys your album but you can tell MTV to fuck off!

Is the Jam one of your influences because your voice has a similar voice to Paul Weller’s. What other bands have influenced you/the band?
You’re the second person to say that but only about this particular record. It’s strange because before this one no one ever mentioned the Jam. I take it as a compliment because I love The Jam but I never thought that I sounded like Weller. The Clash has been more of an influence on me than anyone else but i’ll give the record another listen and see if I can hear the Paul Weller.

Do you think the “I hate George Bush” thing is getting too cliche in the punk scene?
Unfortunately it is. Bands that weren’t political before are jumping on the wagon, which is the right wagon but it’s just too much. It’s everywhere and Bush DEFINITLY needs to be voted out of office but it seems like it’s been force fed to everyone and people are getting sick of it.

Can you make up a comprehensive sentence, just using curse words? If so, give it a shot…
I don’t think it’s proper grammar, But I like to say, “Fuck you, you fucking fuck-fuck!” Fuck-fuck is the key you gotta say it like one word, try it out it feels good.

What do you recommend for people who are addicted to your music?
Methadone, oh wait that’s another addiction. If they’re addicted they’re probably way ahead of me.

What’s some other bands out there today that you really enjoy listening to?
Swingin Utters have been one of my favorite bands for a long time. Darius Koski is the best songwriter of my generation. The Briefs, One Man Army, mostly the bands we tour with, end up in my cd player all day.

Here’s a series of “favorite” questions:

Since he’s your Governator now, which is your favorite Arnold movie?
Any one where he gets killed. Too drastic? Maybe just beaten badly.

Favorite film composer?
Danny Elfman is King

Favorite Joe Pesci album?
Joe Pesci album?

Favorite Actor from the 80s?
John Cusack

Favorite thing to buy at a 99 cent store?
Corned Beef Hash

Favorite Jeff Goldblum movie?
Don’t know, but we tell our guitarist Chris he looks like him.

Favorite Family Matters episode?
The one where Erkel dies. Wait that was just a dream. Too drastic? no.

Favorite Celtic Ska Polka Band from Russia?
Borshka and the O’Malley tribe.

If someone came up to you and said “Hey I downloaded your album for FREE!” What would you do or say?

Do you hate waking up in the middle of the night to take a piss?
Why wake up?

Any bad experiences happen to you while touring?
See question before and ask Hollywood.

Which band can you beat up?
So tempting…not enough space for the bands we’d LIKE to beat up.

If you were a psychic, where will Pistol Grip be in 3 years?
I am a psychic, the lottery is today and tomorrow I won’t ever see those losers again.

Final Thoughts/ Comments/ Plug/ Whatever?
No bullshit, good interview most of them are so damn boring. Check out our website for tours www.pistolgrip.net