RX Bandits (Rich)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Who came up with the name rx bandits and why?
The name was just a random thing that a few of the founding members came up with as a title for their imaginary gang when they were small kids. the original name was actually “the pharmaceutical bandits” but nobody seemed to be able to spell it, or even read it, and it was a little long to squeeze onto flyers.

Where are you guys from and who plays what instruments in the band?
We all reside around the seal beach area in southern california. i (rich), play t-bone and do some vocals. matt does lead vocals and guitar. chris is on drums. james is on bass. we are currently looking for a fifth member that can play second t-bone and keys.

What was the best/worst show you ever played and with who?
I think our worst show was once last year in Austin, TX when there were no more than three people there to see us and could barely stand up on stage.

What is your favorite venue?
the glasshouse, pomona, ca. and chain reaction, anaheim, ca

What are two social issues facing the country that are the most important to you?
well first let me say i am pleased that you used the word “social” instead of “political”. we think the key here is not to strive for any political change until we change ourselves, or create “social change”. i think the issue of racism is definitely something our band is aware of. i think people like Johnny Cochran and Jesse Jackson that are always playing the race card can get out of hand much of the time. but the problem still exists and it is time for everyone to grow up. i think another issue we might address in our schools is to make ourselves aware of not just the holocaust that happened in Germany, but also the holocaust created by our own government against the original American Indian settlers of the land. it is sad that we cast so much shame against other goverments but choose to turn our heads to the negative history of our own country. how can we learn from our mistakes if we arent aware of what mistakes we made in the past? without getting into it, i think overpopulation is also a gigantic problem. use condoms!

Do you like or hate interviews? please explain?
interviews are cool as long as you arent asking me what my favorite food and color are.

Please give your comments on the ever changing ska/punk/emo scene?
it isn’t the same. we are trying to change that. i think bands need to help other bands out. if you are a band just starting out, get together with the other bands starting out in your area and combine your draws. start a scene and a buzz. make the clubs want to book you and your fellow bands.

What’s the funniest story you have….. to tell?

Do you prefer the insane clown posse or marilyn manson?
both disgust me. if i had a gun to my head i would choose marilyn bc his book was funny…the parts that i’ve read anyway.

Do you guys have nicknames for each other…… if so….. what are they?
we call james “bartles”…as in “bartles & james”, he just comes off like a “bartles”. the people at drive thru call me barbie but that issomething i would rather not get into. and our drummer chris is “gak”, short for his last name : tsagakis.

What cd’s are in your cd players right now?
Massive Attack “mezzanine”. At the Drive In “relationship of command”. Refused “the shape of punk to come”. Pink Floyd “darkside of the moon”.

Is there a band or music you can’t stand? what is it?
anything that sounds like creed or has fred durst involved.

What are your thoughts on MTV?
here is a conversation about mtv/radio that i had online with a fan. it explains it well. my screenname is cowboycommunist.

XmonkeychichX: i thought rxb didnt like mtv

cowboycommunist: it isnt the greatest thing. i dont personally watch it. but we are a band in need of promotion so if they use our song/s im not going to call them and tell them “no, we dont want new fans” ya know?

XmonkeychichX: i see isee

cowboycommunist: we are all over 20 now and can either start a 9-5 job and slack on the band, or be able to afford to do this. we will continue to USE corporate bullshit to get ourselves on a higher platform so that in time we might be able to get our message to a wider audience.

XmonkeychichX: i just wanted to clear things up…not mad or anything…i just want rxb for myself

cowboycommunist: and maybe then i can actually pay for my girlfriend when we go out! hehe well we are human beings, and need to eat. we wouldnt be able to afford to be your personal band. unless of course you pay our expenses.

XmonkeychichX: haha

XmonkeychichX: awww

XmonkeychichX: yeah wish i could

XmonkeychichX: so are ya gonna let kroq play youre stuff if they get it

XmonkeychichX: please say no…but im probably being selfish

cowboycommunist: well again, the way i see kroq is as a medium that we can use as a stepping stone to reach people. getting heard isn’t a bad thing. it is what you do to get heard that starts hurting the musical integrity. if we drop all that we stand for just to get played, that is different than us recording music we love and create and having them choose to play it. why stop them? as long as we arent changing for them.

XmonkeychichX: ok good answer

What is/are you favorite song(s) to perform?
i like doing the new stuff. i also like “what if” bc everyone tends to shout the words and that is always a great feeling. corenered is fun too.

Why should somone go out and by the next album you release.
bc i personally guarantee it will be the best horn incorporated rock/ska/reggae album you ever purchased. we are extremely excited about this. all i can say is that you wont be dissapointed. it is called PROGRESS, and is expected to be released on MAY 8TH.