Strike of 59 (Dave)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

How did you come up with the name Strike of 59? Give me some history cupcake.
Well darling me and Myke met each other at school back in 1991 although we were arch enemies at the time, we didn’t start hanging out ’til 2001 when he found out it was cool to have black friends. Dan was our old maths teacher and Katya was a beauty school dropout. After taking 3 years trying to learn our instruments and failing badly we took the Bill and Ted approach of getting into a phone booth time machine doing 16 months intensive music lessons and leaping back to 2001 where we decided to form the band. As for the name 1959 was the year that Dan our drummer was born and basically we are refusing to acknowledge his existence in the band, hence Strike of 59.

Why do you guys play Ska, you know it’s dead right?
So are zombies, but we still think they’re cool

If you had to write a song about, what would it be about?
Ska punk and Junk I guess.

How’s the Ska scene overseas? What are some good UK Ska bands to check out?
UK Ska is going through a lot of changes at the moment a number of the big names have split up such as King Prawn and Lightyear, although there isn’t really a crisis as there are loads of great bands coming through such as No Comply, Sonic Boom Six, 3dbs Down, The Stickybacks, Out Of Luck, The Foamers, 5 Knuckle, Howard’s Alias, The Big, 4ft Fingers, Milk 2 Sugars and last but not least my side project Butt Melt they are Thrash/ska and kick ass. (In England we say arse so I’m kinda making an effort for ya) Anyway we got loads of links to these great bands on our website @

Give me 5 insulting words that British people call Americans?
Generally we just look at your leader and that says it all but if you want to be specific probably 1. Wankees 2. Cunts 3. Inbred’s 4. Shitcunts 5. Fat Fucks why what do you guys call us Brits?

Some call you guys limeys, other than that, I don’t know. Ok, since you mentioned “our leader;” Who would win in a thumb-wrestling match: Tony Blair or George W Bush?
Thumb-wrestling is so last year man, willy wars is the way forward in which case they’d both lose

If you were to carpet the whole State of Florida, how long would it take?
If Utah doesn’t deserve carpet Florida doesn’t deserve carpet either

See any cool movies lately?
I just saw Men at Work with Emilio Sheen and Charlie Estevez that was pretty cool. I’m also into buddy cop films a lot and this film Beverly Hills Cop just came out over here I’ve heard good things about that so I’m gonna check that out I love Eddie Murphy.

Coupling or Friends?
Quantum Leap

Your singer is cute, is she single? (hehehe)
Man she gets all the attention you know a guy needs loving too, and as for your question maybe we can work out a deal and see what she says.

Awesome! haha…Got anything to plug/promote? Do you have a CD coming out?
Well now that you mention it I’d like to get a few things off my chest: 1. I’m a great believer in Grape Soda so drink it’s the Dogs Bollocks 2. Always vote, as its good for your health 3. Personal hygiene can get you a long way in life 4. I want to start a petition to get the entire 97 episodes of Quantum Leap released on a 50 disc box set call your local government, fire department or whatever and get on the case. Which reminds me I saw Quantum Leap the animated version for sale on eBay the other day, you yanks have it so good. That’s about it I think, actually we got a new EP due out on Deck Cheese Records in the upcoming months. We also got a couple of old demos laying about somewhere if anyone’s interested.