The Peacocks (Hasu)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Have you ever killed a man just to watch him die?
No. I need better reasons.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, Did you ever think you would be asked that question in an interview?
Now that I’m used to do interviews, I know that this is usually the first question people ask.

You’re currently touring, How’s that going so far? Are you guys coming to the U.S. anytime soon?
We love touring. Especially in Europe where you have so many countries where you can go and there’s always some diferences between those countries, so it’s very interesting and never boring. Our tours are mostly pretty good, we usually have a nice crowd except sometimes where we play in front of 5 people. But that can be fun too you know. We just got back from Japan and it was great by the way. We want to come to the U. S. , but you know it’s a little complicated to enter your country these days and it’s also expensive. We need someone organize something, which means that we should tour with another band. Thats usually how it goes: You tour with a band in their country and we invite that band to tour with us in Europe. So if somebody reads that, get in touch. But I guess we will tour the U.S. one day.

How would you describe your band since The Peacocks play different genres of music (like rockabilly, punk and sometimes ska)?
It is some kind of Punk or some kind of Rockabilly. It’s a mix of Poppunk and Rockabilly or Psychobilly.

Do you think your new CD “It’s Time For” (which rocks by the way) has a more punkier sound than a rockabilly one? Or do you just play what you like?
Off course we just play what we like, but also what we are good at. And thats more the punky way.

How do you guys approach writing songs? Do you try to find an important message in the song or just see what comes out of it?
Uups, I don’t know, it can be both. There’s not really a message but the lyrics are important nevertheless.

Do you think you can kick Brian Setzer’s ass?
Maybe we can, I mean he’s old now. But he plays better guitar than I do. His songwriting is a little bit lame these days, but we love the Stray Cats anyway.

I’m trying to find some new music to get into, what’s some bands that you recommend?
I could give you a list of old stuff that’s really good but you ask for new, that’s harder. In our van we listen to a lot of different stuff, so let me think about new music… well the Streets from England is kinda cool, it’s a little bit like Hip Hop but the beats are kinda not funky and the guy sings/talks with a strong English accent. The Polysics from Japan are great too, kinda Devo but they rock more. We also listen to a lot of that punk stuff which is kinda old fashion punk with keybords sometimes, like the Minds ore the Briefs and the Soviets or Randy. I probably don’t have to recommend Rancid but I think it’s really good. Mando Diao from Sweden is good too even there’s a hype about them in England.

What do you think about the war in Iraq? Or are you neutral on the subject? haha
Oh that war is just wrong. It should have never happened. Your (the U.S.) governement is not so great, so please vote for the other guy next time, it only can get better. And be sure that you vote. OK?

What was the last worst movie you saw in theaters?
I only go to movie theaters twice a year because you can’t smoke in theaters. So I always make sure that I see a good movie once I go there. So the last bad movie I saw in a theatre, was probably Dirty Dancing in maybe 1986.

Over in Switzerland, do you have problems with censorship like we do over here in the United States?
No not really, but there is a bad thing going on with that decibel thing at show. You ‘re not allowed to play louder than 93 or so decibels, which is kinda quit when it comes to rock music. Especially in small rooms, already the drums are louder than that, so it’s really stupid.

Would you rather eat a plate of chunky elephant feces or lick frozen horse semen on a stick?
I have no idea what your talking about, what’s better? Usually stuff like that totally depends on the sauce and spice you put on it.

Got any final comments, plugs, tour dates, websites, etc etc?
Our website is but it’s boring, but you can send us a mail to get in touch and ask or say hello and find out about tour infos. thanks