Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer #2 Still Looks Like A Mess

Media | Dec 3rd, 2015

[HD] Warner Bros. Pictures Warner Bros. Pictures Subscribed2,253,993 Add to Share More 2,048,884 59,206 3,112 ShareEmbedEmail Preview: Video size: Custom size 800 × 450 Show suggested videos when the video finishes Show player controls Show video title and player actions Enable privacy-enhanced mode [?] By displaying YouTube videos on your site, you are agreeing to the YouTube API terms of service. SHOW LESS Published on Dec 2, 2015 Zack Snyder's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016. SHOW MORE ALL COMMENTS (15,327) Bryan Kremkau Add a public comment... Top comments dipper pines 1 hour ago Confused marvel fan coming through.... Why do DC fans hate this movie already? Reply · 8 View all 17 replies Dezhan Gurodoxhev 1 minute ago Truth is, Marvel fans have less to complain about. Dc hasn't had as good a track record with films. Especially now that they've selected Crap Snyder to direct these damn films. smh  Reply · Dezhan Gurodoxhev 1 minute ago +Regular Girl I will watch it, and I'll comment and tell you what I think.  Reply · Markelle Askew 1 hour ago Some of the comments of this movie are dumb the only spoiler of this trailer is doomsday and for the past 3 years people keep asking who is the main villain of the movie and now they show the main villain and now people hate it cause it's spoilers Also comment on what u hate about the movie cause I don't see how u can hate it(I won't get mad) Reply · 222 View all 34 replies Peder Hastrup 22 seconds ago +Rayon Harris That sounds cool but that does not make the CGI better :S Don't care about what form he has, did not read that comic, but it just looked so fake, got a real spider-man 3 vipe from it Reply · Daym Drops 1 hour ago If my Popcorn is DONE before this movie ends, I will NOT be a happy individual. I will give this a chance though.....looks a bit Suspect in my book but we shall see ;-) Reply · 26 View all 11 replies Jesse Mwakajumba 3 minutes ago +SuperBoy17 as of now I'm gonna give Synder the benefit of the doubt and just hope Eisenberg's performance somehow shocks the world. Gene just makes sense!! I understand it's portraying essentially the origin of Lex but still... His voice is bad enough. We'll see. Reply · Clay Romero 2 minutes ago +SuperBoy17 dude, doomsday evolves, so you not know how doomsday works? Reply · vaiouser 1 hour ago i really hate that jessie eisenberg. poor choice Reply · 77 View all 10 replies Wis Dom 16 minutes ago (edited) +FZJanimated Me too! lol. He just comes across as a young boy. He has that Ralph Macchio syndrome. Plus he is like Will Smith in terms of him always playing himself. lol. You might as well should make him a 15 year old genius. I'm sure there will be those that will have no problem with that either. lol Reply · 1 D0pam1n 45 seconds ago +vaiouser Isn't this sort of a Lex origin story as well? The kind like all the others, where at the beginning the guys seem not quite as you would expect and by the end they're full on carbon copies of their comic template? Eisenberg doesn't bother me at all, it's the Zod-Doomsday-Whatever-Zombie that I'm concerned of. Reply · Atwa 1 hour ago Man of Steel was terrible, except this to follow suit. Reply · 29 View all 19 replies serena heverly 2 minutes ago +za21 so you only believe in the critics, not your own opinion. Reply · jabso thelaw 2 minutes ago +magnumcornetto Fuck that site. Reply · Juan Quaglia 24 minutes ago The premise for this movie was "Let's put a lot of big characters together and somehow the script will write itself". Reply · 42 View all 11 replies Morty Smith 20 seconds ago +Juan Quaglia But most of those movies were disapointing. Reply · BoringMan 14 minutes ago Why does Afleck sound like nolan north? Reply · SuperSnippy 5 minutes ago Shouldn't that be a good thing? lol. Reply · 2 Curiousjoi 14 seconds ago I'm 100% okay with that lol Reply · Murphy Peoples 1 hour ago Uhhh, Batman with a Gun? What crap. Reply · 2 View all 5 replies Rifat Syafri 6 minutes ago Uh... He fights the indestructible Doomsday, So... what kind of batarang do you expect for this kind threat? Reply · Rifat Syafri 6 minutes ago Uh... He fights the indestructible Doomsday, So... what kind of batarang do you expect for this kind threat? Reply · Sun Tzu 1 hour ago Joker's references joker's references everywhere. Reply · 79 View all 5 replies BoringMan 32 minutes ago +GeneralZod what do you mean "alredy" joker doesn't go to arkham once. Reply · Jason Anderson 1 hour ago Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Doomsday... am I right? Reply · 22 View all 6 replies awesome1ru 17 minutes ago +Jason Anderson LMAO Reply · Prashant Soraiyur 17 minutes ago In the comics doomsday's spikes grow in response to the damage. They won't reveal his final look so early. Reply · Shawn P. 1 hour ago Every time I see something that looks awesome about this movie, Jesse Eisenberg ruins it with his weird effeminate version of Lex Luthor that is so far fucking removed from the actual character that it would never be recognizable without them telling you its Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor should be just as impressive in the crowd as Clark and Bruce there. Lex has an intimidating presence. Running into him in public would be like looking next to yourself in a bar and realizing you're sitting next to Al Capone. You know he's not just going to fuck with you for no reason, but it makes you nervous because the guy has power, but also charisma and style. This flamboyantly effeminate clown wouldn't intimidate anyone and has NO charisma or style whatsoever. The old Christopher Reeve movies didn't really take Lex too seriously and made him a campy goofball, but even that version was better than this garbage. Read more Reply · 7 View all 5 replies Jeroz 46 minutes ago +Dejan Galonja so in other words what we are seeing here is the origin of what's to be known as Lex in the future? Reply · OopsRuMad 33 minutes ago +Shawn P. And thank you for showing off to the world how little you know about Lex Luthor's character. Good job idiot. Reply · Reala597 51 minutes ago Are those flying monsters in 2:01 Darkseid soldiers!? Reply · Meme Nene 41 minutes ago +Reala597 Yeah, seems it some sort of dream sequence happening in the future. Reply · 1 Josh Mitchell 4 minutes ago +Meme Nene Why would Batman be dreaming of beings that he has no idea exist? My guess is that it is in fact reality. Reply · Marcus Moore 1 hour ago Its funny how when Marvel trailers show just as much spoilers than this people don't complain but when a DC movie does it people complain ? I swear hypocrites these days.... Reply · 5 View all 4 replies Josh Mitchell 5 minutes ago +Nicolas Waldvogel Really? This was my favorite trailer so far. The dialogue and acting were superb, there was a little comedy(showing us that this wont be as deadpan as the majority of MOS, but will still have the grittiness and realism of it) and the reveal of Doomsday imo just means that this movie has far more to offer than what we've been shown. I mean by the time the trinity fights Doomsday, Lex hasn't even lost his hair yet. At most, we're probably only seeing bits from the first and second act. This will be a nearly 3 hour film, so plenty of time to introduce new plot points. Reply · Alex O. 1 minute ago +Terence John Lampasa cough Civil War cough Reply · Aziz Shohail 1 hour ago I don't care what anybody says. This was amazing! And to the people who are mad that they revealed doomsday, have you ever seen a movie in which you don't know who the bad guy is gonna be? I'm more excited than ever to watch this movie. Reply · 67 View all 7 replies James Pitcher 43 minutes ago +Aziz Shohail Ben Affleck looks like he's going to be a fantastic Batman! Gal Gadot looks impressive, too, as people have rightly pointed out. I can't wait for this. I don't understand all the negativity it's getting! Reply · Przemyslaw Kuszynski 3 minutes ago +Mark Radulich Please tell me WHO in YOUR opinion would suit better as WW instead of Gal Gadot? Reply · GreatSage 1 hour ago 1:38 this frame alone is better than whole Marvel cinematic universe Reply · 26 View all 9 replies njova82 8 minutes ago +GreatSage Yeah keep telling yourself that. Reply · Thomas Ashraf 1 hour ago (edited) 2:11 - more satanic/ one eyed antichrist Jewish hollywood worship and brainwashing propaganda agenda again. Reply · 2 View all 4 replies KKona 57 minutes ago +Thomas Ashraf paranoid moron. Reply · 1 switchbuckle5th 1 hour ago Seeing Batman posing with a gun really annoys me. Reply · 13 View all 3 replies Hlidskialfk 14 minutes ago +Regular Girl Everyone knows that, but still annoying Reply · JeiConcepts 11 minutes ago +switchbuckle5th He used a gun in the frank miller written stories, so? He finally doesnt give a shit anymore. Reply · Nick Ferrazza 1 hour ago I'm a massive Marvel fan who hated Man of Steel, yet I've got to admit this looks pretty cool. Sure, it's not perfect. I'm not sold on Doomsday's design. He looks like the Abomination crossed with the Lizard, but we'll se how it goes. Reply · 3 View all 3 replies Rhysyboy92 5 minutes ago It's probably his first form, he gets bigger and stronger after each defeat, Reply · Cliff Aldi 57 minutes ago LOL wonder woman ?? what is the relation about wonder woman between batman and superman ?? Reply · 4 View all 7 replies Dezhan Gurodoxhev 15 minutes ago +Cliff Aldi have you ever watched anything DC related? Reply · RocketPawnch 5 minutes ago +Cliff Aldi ...She's nice to look at? :D Reply · Dragon tamers 1 hour ago It's a little early to have Doomsday in the DCCU don't you think? Reply · 2 View all 2 replies Tuan Steel 35 minutes ago +Dragon tamers There are many supervillians in DCU Reply · Show more Autoplay Up next Batman v Superman - Exclusive Sneak [HD] by Warner Bros. Pictures 10,353,828 views 0:50 Barbershop: The Next Cut - Official Trailer 1 [HD] by Warner Bros. Pictures 1,401,264 views 2:18 Pan - Welcome to Neverland: Blackbeard and his Pirates [HD] by Warner Bros. Pictures 175,628 views 2:08 Creed - Now Playing TV Spot 2 [HD] by Warner Bros. Pictures 108,850 views 0:15 10 Star Wars Movie Mistakes You Missed PREQUEL EDITION by Screen Rant Recommended for you 5:56 DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Trailer (2016) by KinoCheck 909,902 views 3:56

The second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered during Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (I think, I was sleeping). I guess people are excited about this movie but everything I’ve seen feels like one big shoulder shrug. I hope the special effects are still being worked on because cheesy SyFy movies have better effects. The latest trailer shows dweeby Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg and Wonder Woman shows up out of nowhere. All it needs is a Ted Knight voiceover and a talking dog and it’s pretty much The SuperFriends.

The movie opens on March 25th 2016 and is directed by Zack Snyder.


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