Deadwood: The Movie Teaser Trailer Is Here!

Media | Mar 21st, 2019

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Surprise! Deadwood: The Movie teaser trailer dropped today and we get our first (fast) glimpse of what the movie is going to be. Lots of quick shots of people shooting guns, getting shot, and quick shots of the surviving characters (and actors) from the show.

For those that don’t know, Deadwood was a show on HBO for 3 seasons and one of the best shows on there, and then it ended. For the past decade, there’s been discussions if this movie was going to happen but it was always on and off again. But it’s back with a movie now, years after the third season ended. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far!

I got something to watch on May 31st when the show premieres.

Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested and old wounds are reopened, as all are left to navigate the inevitable changes that modernity and time have wrought. Starring Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, and Molly Parker. Deadwood: The Movie premieres May 31 on HBO.


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