Jacob Wake Up! Releases Hanukkah song “Spinning (Like a Dreidel)”

Media | Dec 9th, 2020

Jacob Wake Up - Spinning (Like a Dreidel)

Boston-based ska and punk musician and songwriter Jacob Wake Up! has released his original pop-punk Hanukkah song entitled “Spinning (Like a Dreidel).” As Jacob writes in his press release, “This singalong captures the ups and downs of a relationship over the eight special nights of Hanukkah. Like any good December pop song, it’s less about Maccabees or messiahs, and more about make-ups and break-ups.”

Jacob Wake Up!’s last solo effort was “Date Night,” a pop/punk love song released in December 2019 as a gift to his wife. That song is available for streaming everywhere. His recordings with The New Limits and The Roland High Life are also streaming.

Jacob is currently working on a variety of projects including an EP of his synthy power-pop songs due out in 2021.


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