Music Video: Lavalette – “Malfunction” (Cro-Mags cover)

Media | Aug 19th, 2011

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Well this is really weird, but Rebecca Haviland of Lavalette covers the Cro-Mags’ classic “Malfunction” into a poppy, catchy, radio-friendly tune that will probably make most HC purist want to jump in front of a bus. The video is a bit silly and its Rebecca lip syncing in NYC on top of a vehicle and her NYHC backing band (featuring guys from Breakdown, Crown of Thornz, Subzero, All Out War) pretending to play their instruments. It’s a video that has to be seen though (haha).

What do you get when you introduce a well-respected New York hardcore guitarist to an up and coming pop chanteuse on the Lower East Side? Well, normally, you’d get some stains, tabloid fodder and a restraining order….But not so in the case of LAVALETTE, who’ve emerged with a striking cover of an NYHC masterpiece, “Malfunction” by the Cro-Mags.

Guitarist Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Crown of Thornz, Sai Nam) teams up with singer/songwriter Rebecca Haviland to form LAVALETTE, an infectious journey into the world of pop, with a Punk/HC attitude. Featuring bassist Larry Susi (Subzero, Breakdown, Crusade) and the efforts of drummers Johnny Cragg (Space Hog) and NYHC stalwart, Lou Medina (Breakdown, All Out War) LAVALETTE is kicking things off with this BlankTV world premiere of their very first single and video, this unique rendition of the Cro-Mags classic, “Malfunction.”


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