Music Video: MxPx – “Aces Up”

Media | By on Oct 7th, 2012

MXPX debuted their brand new music video for “Aces Up” on their official website. The clip is the opening track and second single from their ninth album, Plans Within Plans off MRI/Rock City Recording Company.

“Aces Up” is classic MXPX and a standout from the new record. It blends their propulsive energy with a massive hook that’ll stay stuck in your head. “The song is about making mistakes, which is just part of life, and that won’t change anytime soon,” explains Mike Herrera, the band’s singer, songwriter and bassist. “How we react and navigate through life’s many corridors, tributaries, and superhighways is the real issue here. Many of the problems we face are a direct or indirect result of something-not unlike a blocked artery. In the face of these roadblocks, we shake our fists at the gods and curse our enemies, but all we really need is to pursue happiness. That’s happiness in and of itself.”

The video boasts kinetic and explosive footage from performances in their hometown, Bremerton, WA, as well as Seattle, and one of their recent 20-year anniversary shows in New York. The band approached Bryan Buchelt of Snaproll Studios, the same videographer who directed the music video for “Far Away,” their first single off of PLANS WITHIN PLANS. His approach was simple. “I wanted people to see the other side of the music here,” Buchelt explains. “These guys have spent two decades together and have become brothers. I wanted to capture that for fans. Shot on both coasts, it really represents the span of their journey and influence. We went out and had fun, and I rolled film. I hope people feel a personal connection to the band when they watch it-like they’re a part of it.”

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