ReadJunk Playlist: August 2010 (’90s Punk Rock Playlist)

Playlists | Aug 9th, 2010

ReadJunk Playlist: August 2010 (’90s Punk Rock Playlist)

Out of all the playlists I have done so far, I haven’t done anything specifically on punk rock. Originally I was going to do a playlist of punk songs from the ’70s-’00s but that was too broad. I’ve been in a ’90s punk rock mood lately, considering that’s when I fully got into punk rock. I’ve always been into punk since I was in elementary school but it wasn’t until the early/mid 90s where I got into punk rock full-time so to speak. I tried my best to come up with a kick-ass collection of punk rock songs from the ’90s, but I’m sure I missed some bands. But then again, this is my playlist and if I left a band off the list, it’s probably for a reason!

1. The Bouncing Souls – “Joe Lies”
The first song that got me into the Bouncing Souls, thanks to the Oi!/Skampilation Volume 1.

2. The Descendents – “I’m The One”
The Descendents had a bit of a resurgence back in the late 90s, thanks to this song and their album Everything Sucks.

3. Social Distortion – “Don’t Drag Me Down”
Besides all the tracks on their self titled album, “Don’t Drag Me Down” is one of the best songs they have done.

4. Pennywise – “Fight Til You Die”
This song might have been played out back in the 90s, but it was the song that got me into Pennywise.

5. Bad Religion – “A Walk”
Out of all the Bad Religion songs from the ‘90s, there’s something about “A Walk” that has always stood out.

6. Fugazi – “Bed For Scraping”
I’ll admit, I don’t really like Fugazi and only like tracks Ian sings on. “Bed For Scraping” is perhaps one of the few songs I really really like from Fugazi.

7. Swingin’ Utters – “Windspitting Punk”
This Swingin’ Utters song has been on countless compilations but it’s still one of my favorites from them.

8. Rancid – “Time Bomb”
I really like “Nihilism” but the song that really made Rancid famous was “Time Bomb” and the rest of the songs off of …And Out Come the Wolves.

9. Screeching Weasel – “Teenage Freakshow”
My Brain Hurts features so many classic Screeching Weasel songs; its hard to pick just 1 song. But “Teenage Freakshow” stands out to me. I guess I could have picked the popular “Cool Kids” song that has been used to death on compilations from the 90s.

10. NOFX – “Bob”
I’m late in the game with liking NOFX, but “Bob” has always been a song I liked and didn’t mind when I didn’t like NOFX.

11. Circle Jerks – “I Wanna Destroy You”
Since “Beat Me Senseless” didn’t come out in the ’90s (my mistake), I’ll pick the song that Debbie Gibson ends up singing on, “I Wanna Destroy You.”

12. The Queers – “Punk Rock Girls”
The Queers 1996 album “Don’t Look Back” is a pop punk masterpiece. “Punk Rock Girls” is the song that got me into the band and I’ve been a fan ever since!

13. Suicide Machines – “Insecurities”
Another band that started off playing ska punk music and then went strictly into punk rock. Their first album is still their best album to date in my opinion.

14. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – “Rocket Man”
Me First have many awesome covers, including “Rocket Man” by Elton John.

15. Face to Face – “Blind”
A classic Face to Face song!

16. Green Day – “Welcome to Paradise”
As much as people don’t like Green Day, they were still an important piece of the 90’s punk rock era.

17. Millencolin – “Lozin’ Must”
For whatever reason, I never listened to Millencolin back in the day. I realize this mistake now of course.

18. Dropkick Murphys – “Fightstarter Karaoke”
No offense to Al Barr, but I prefer Dropkick Murphys first album. So many classic punk rock songs on it, including “Fightstarter Karaoke”

19. One Man Army – “They’ll Never Call It Quits”
I got into One Man Army’s music towards the end of their career as a band, but their first album has many great tracks like this one and “Money in the Bank.”

20. AFI – “Totalimmortal”
I’m not sure if this is the song that made them popular or not. I know they used to play it during hockey games when the teams would score. This band used to be a good punk rock band, not sure what exactly they are nowadays?

21. The Offspring – “All I Want”
Say what you want about The Offspring, they have a lot of catchy pop punk songs, including this one.

22. Lagwagon – “Alien 8”
Not really a fan of Lagwagon, but I don’t mind “Alien 8.”

23. Unwritten Law – “Crazy Poway Kids”
A good punk rock song from a band that got popular shortly after.

24. No Use For A Name – “Soulmate”
I only like a handful of NUFAN songs but always liked “Soulmate.”

25. MxPx – “Teenage Politics”
Not a huge MxPx fan but I do like their albums “Teenage Politics” and “Life in General.”

26. Blink 182 – “M&M’s”
As much as I hate the band’s newer stuff, their first 2 albums are still listenable. “M&M’s” was a song I always liked to listen to back when this album came out.

27. Down By Law – “Best Friends”
I really didn’t listen to Down By Law back in the 90s but not entirely sure why. I just never did I guess. I think I might now though!

28. H20 – “Everready’
“Everready” was on a lot of compilations back in the 90s, so here it goes on this playlist!

29. Shelter – “Civilized Man”
Shelter could be classified as hardcore but whatever, they are punk to me. The entire “Mantra” album is excellent I think!

30. All – “Better Than That”
Some people like Descendents, some like All. Some can’t tell the difference, like me. Both are great punk bands that feature practically the same members, just switch out the singers.

31. Goldfinger – “Here in the Bedroom”
Another ska influenced punk rock band that got super popular from this song. Hey, I never knew who Goldfinger was until I saw this video on 120 Minutes on MTV.

32. The Vandals – “An Idea For A Movie”
The Vandals play that goofy melodic punk rock and “An Idea for A Movie” fits into that style for sure.

33. Groovie Ghoulies – “Fun in the Dark”
Groovie Ghoulies are similar to The Misfits in that they have a lot of horror-themed songs.

34. The Donnas – “Hey, I’m Gonna Be Your Girl”
I don’t like many female punk rock bands but The Donnas are an exception.

35. Tilt – “Libel”
Not really familiar with Tilt all that much, but know they were on plenty of compilations I listened to in the 90s.

36. Dancehall Crashers – “Go”
Started out ska, ended up more punk rock in the end and I’m fine with that.

37. 88 Fingers Louie – “Too Many”
I remember hearing this song from the Punk Sucks compilation and made me want to get the rest of 88 Fingers Louie albums.

38. Mr T Experience – “Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend”
For the loner punk rocker.

39. Chixdiggit – “Sikome Beach”
Chixdiggit have some of the catchiest pop punk songs, including this one!

40. Diesel Boy – “Titty Twister”
I hate titty twisters! But songs about them are fun!

41. The Riverdales – “Judy Go Home”
Screeching Weasel-lite.

42. Jughead’s Revenge – “49 & 61”
A cool song I’ve heard on a few comps and college punk radio shows.

43. Bracket – “Talk Show”
Can’t leave off this California pop punk band from the playlist!

44. Bombshell Rocks – “The Will The Message”
Bombshell Rocks were a band heavily played in my house, dorm room, car, wherever.

45. The Generators – “City of Angels”
I didn’t know who the Generators before their debut album, but “City of Angels” is still a favorite of mine.

46. The Ducky Boys – “These Are The Days”
For those that don’t know, Ducky Boys play Boston street punk. Yeah there’s more than 1 Boston street punk band out there!

47. Ten Foot Pole – “The Getaway”
Besides playing melodic punk rock, Scott Radinsky is also a former baseball pitcher and current bullpen coach for Cleveland Indians. Pretty cool!

48. The Dwarves – “Mother Fucker”
Was never a Dwarves fan but love that this song was played in the Jim Carrey comedy Me, Myself and Irene.

49. 7 Seconds – “Sour Grapes”
Besides older 7 Seconds, their album “Good to Go” on Side One Dummy is just awesome. Granted a lot of the songs sound the same, it’s still awesome!

50. Strung Out – “Solitaire”
This Strung Out song fits perfectly with what I’ve been in the mood lately, Cali melodic punk rock.

51. CIV – “Can’t Wait One Minute More…”
Gorilla Biscuits frontman Civ’s solo band that I really liked. Seeing them at Warped Tour one year was a highlight for me. Their most popular song “Can’t Wait One Minute More” was both super popular, and overplayed….but it’s still a song that’s pretty good.

52. Frenzal Rhomb – “Punch in the Face”
Aussie punk rock!

53. Anti-Flag – “Rotten Future”
I’ve been a fan of Anti-Flag since their debut album came out in ‘96. “Rotten Future”, sung by former bassist Andy Flag, has always been on my mixes in the past.

54. Against All Authority – “Justification”
The first AAA album was good but it doesn’t compare to their Hopeless Records debut album.

55. Jello Biafra and DOA – “Attack of the Peacekeepers”
Out of all the non-Dead Kennedys stuff that Jello has done, his collaboration with Canadian punk rock band DOA has always been the standout album for me. “Attack of the Peacekeepers” could very well be my favorite song from Jello Biafra.

56. The Misfits – “American Psycho”
Yeah yeah yeah, Danzig wasn’t with the band during this time, but I really dig “American Psycho.”

57. Jawbreaker – “Want”
Jawbreaker is another band I never listened to but want to start checking out some of their music. Where to start?

58. Avail – “Deepwood”
“Deepwood” from Avail was always the song to put on mixes back in the day for me.

59. Good Riddance – “Mother Superior”
“Mother Superior” is honestly about the only song I really know from Good Riddance or remember. But I keep meaning to listen to more of them.

60. Oxymoron – “Weirdoz”
I don’t know how I found out about Oxymoron considering they are from Germany, but the band just plays great street punk. “Weirdoz” is my favorite from them, although “Get A Gun” is up there too.

61. Snuff – “Ye Olde Folke Twat”
Snuff play punk rock with horns. Don’t call them ska! For some reason, I always loved this song.

62. Assorted Jelly Beans – “Braindead”
Ska-influenced punk rock song that got featured in a Ben Affleck movie that no one saw.

63. Propagandhi – “Ska Sucks”
Never appreciated the song but some people like it.

64. New Found Glory – “Hit or Miss”
I can tolerate New Found Glory in small doses.

65. Fenix TX – “Minimum Wage”
Don’t like or know too many Fenix TX (aka Riverfenix) but always liked their song “Minimum Wage.”

66. Pulley – “Second Best”
Scott Radinsky’s other band besides Ten Foot Pole. Honestly, I like Pulley a lot better.

67. Rocket From the Crypt – “On A Rope”
About the only song I know from the band but it’s a good one nonetheless!

68. Ann Beretta – “Fire in The Hole”
Melodic punk rock from Richmond. I think their last album Three Chord Revolution was their best.

69. Straight Faced – “Greed Motivates”
Old school Hardcore punk style band from California that got some recognition from appearing on some Epitaph compilations.

70. Guttermouth – “Asshole”
Snotty, sarcastic punk that I didn’t really care for when I saw them live. A lot of spitting takes places during their sets…Never got the spitting thing.

71. Agnostic Front – “Gotta Go”
Agnostic Front came back into the limelight with a kick-ass album off of Epitaph Records.

72. US Bombs – “Jaks”
US Bombs is fronted by legendary professional skater Duane Peters, who also has a line of shoes as well. Their sound was very Clash/street punk oriented and I dug it a lot.

73. Schleprock – “We Need An Anthem”
Guys from the Generators previous band. The entire (America’s) Dirty Little Secret album is great! Not one bad song on it.

74. Teen Idols – “I’m Not The One”
Leather jacket wearing pop punk that was very underrated. Their last album Nothing To Prove was their best but for the sake of this playlist, check out their song “I’m Not The One” off their debut self-titled album.

75. The Ramones – “I Don’t Want to Grow Up”
The Ramones covered Tom Waits classic song. Tom returned the favor that same year covering “Return of Jackie and Judy” for a Ramones tribute album.


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