Ska Box July 2020 Product Review

Featured, Media | Jul 28th, 2020

Ska Box July 2020 Product Review

For shits and giggles, I decided to do a sort-of unboxing/product review of Ska Box for July 2020. I mainly wanted to promote the box and talk briefly about it. Drinking game: Take a drink every time I say the words um, stuff and cool!

This box featured merch from Sgt Scag, The Holophonics, Dang it, Monkey, Los Kung Fun Monkeys and others.

Visit and they are located at @skaboxrox on social media. Listen to their podcast episode with me from back in March here.

Buy that awesome Rudies Against Racism shirt and more ReadJunk and Pop Culture T-Shirts at my Teepublic page.


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