Video: The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer

Media | Jul 21st, 2013

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For those that aren’t at Comic-Con right now, we can watch the new Walking Dead Season 4 preview! The Walking Dead Season 3 kind of ended on a shitty note (more like a letdown I think), but not sure what to think of the next season of Walking Dead based on this Comic-Con trailer.

Things definitely feel different than they have in the past, and most of this stuff isn’t in the comics so comic fans are in the blind now too. But I’ll be watching and hoping the show was more like the beginning of Season 3 than the very end of it. I’m happy Tyrese is a main character now, and looks like there’s plenty of people to kill off again just hopefully not too many major characters. I seriously think when Daryl goes, there will be a female riot haha.


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