AF Records releasing new protest compilation This Concerns Everyone

Music News | Aug 21st, 2014

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Pittsburgh based independent label A-F Records has announced a new protest compilation titled This Concerns Everyone, which will be released on November 18th. The comp will contain live and studio recordings from Tom Morello, Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against), Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music), Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) and Chris #2 (Anti-Flag).

Pittsburgh based independent label A-F Records, home of punk rock band Anti-Flag, has announced a new protest compilation titled This Concerns Everyone, which will be released on November 18th.

The collection includes live and studio recordings of rebellious covers and originals from the likes of Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman, Rage Against The Machine), Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against), Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music) and Chris #2 (Anti-Flag) among others and will be released digitally (with additional bonus tracks) and on limited edition vinyl LP that can be pre-ordered now at

A portion of proceeds from the record’s sales will be donated to the Right To Heal Campaign, which is a joint effort between The Iraq Veterans Against The War, Organization of Women’s Freedom In Iraq and the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions In Iraq. Learn more here:

Today, the label has released a chilling, acoustic version of Tom Morello’s song “House Gone Up In Flames” that he recorded live for the compilation and can be heard now at

“I decided to rock “House Gone Up In Flames” because it’s one of my favorite songs i’ve ever written,” says Morello. “Conjured in the midst of a 104 degree fever in an Italian hotel room I wasn’t sure if I was going to live or die but i knew if i survived I was gonna have a helluva surrealistic political Molotov of a song on my hands. When A-F Records asked for a track I descended back into the Shaman’s Trance and here it is, for all to enjoy.”

Additionally, A-F Records is inviting fans to share their own songs of protest and rebellion by submitting MP3 tracks to the label at [email protected] and via social networks by tagging the post with #ThisConcernsEveryone. The submitted tracks will be featured and promoted on A-F Records’ SoundCloud player at

Originally conceived as a split record between musician and A-F Records label manager Chris Stowe, Chris #2 and Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) and The Homeless Gospel Choir, This Concerns Everyone quickly became something much more.

“We wanted to make it interesting and only allow one track. One take. One voice. One instrument,” explains Chris #2. “This idea immediately seemed bigger. I got on the phone with some friends to see if we could build this into an actual comp. This Concerns Everyone is that idea coming to fruition. You don’t need a band or a studio or record label or anything but yourself and a song. We hope that through listening to this comp people can feel the same way that we do. Our songs, art, poetry, whatever your medium, lasts longer than you do. That’s a powerful idea that something you’ve created can touch someone long after you’re gone.”

“Our goal was to try and get to the root of what a protest song really was and show that you didn’t need a band or a studio to make a statement and say something meaningful, all you need is the song,” Stowe adds. “And the songs speak for themselves. They’re not fancy at all. Most of us made these recordings with our cell phones. And they’re all about completely different things, but they all came from a place of pure honesty. Pure, stripped down, beautiful, imperfect honesty. That’s where a song’s true power lies. And that’s all you need to change everything.”

Fans can visit for additional news and updates regarding This Concerns Everyone.

This Concerns Everyone Track List:

Side A:
1. Chris Farren (Fake Problems) – Establishment Blues (Rodriguez)
2. Erica Freas (RVIVR) – Tiny Murders
3. Chris Conley (Saves The Day) – A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
4. Chris #2 (Anti-Flag) – What Did You Learn In School Today (Pete Seeger)
5. PJ Bond – Dirty Hands
6. Anika Pyle (Chumped) – Ugly
7. Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman) – House Gone Up In Flames
8. The Homeless Gospel Choir – Some People
9. Chris Stowe – Other Peoples Guns

Side B:
10. Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music) – Selected Scenes
11. Roger Harvey – What Are You Fighting For (Phil Ochs)
12. Shawna Potter and Brooks Harlan (War On Women) – Servilia
13. Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against) – Civil War (Guns N’ Roses)
14. Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) – I Ain’t Got No Home (Woody Guthrie)
15. Thomas From The Burning Land (Strike Anywhere) – The Deep State (Field Recording)

Digital Bonus Tracks:
1. Prophet Motive – Hallowawa
2. Josh Massie – Life During War Time (Green Day)
3. Spoonboy – Last Of The Asshole (The Max Levine Ensemble)
4. Pat Thetic – Owe Us A Living (CRASS)


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