Anti-Flag Unveil 7” Vinyl/Online Subscription Series

Music News | Jun 12th, 2013

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Anti-Flag is celebrating their 20th year as a band! 2013 has been a big year for both Anti-Flag and their label A-F Records. Having just come off a 20 Year Anniversary tour, the band has now announced a 7” Vinyl/Online Subscription series. Titled 20 Years Of Hell, these special records will have di-cut covers, be hand-numbered, and limited to 500.

Here is how each 7” and the subscription program will work:

SIDE A: Anti-Flag will be handpicking and re-recording new versions of 1 song from each of their 11 full length releases as well as recording a brand new unreleased track that will appear on the final volume of the series:

· VOLUME 1: “Die for the Government” and “Their System Doesn’t Work for You”
· VOLUME 2: “New Kind of Army” and “Underground Network”
· VOLUME 3: “Mobilize” and “The Terror State”
· VOLUME 4: “For Blood and Empire” and “A Benefit For The Victims Of Violent Crime”
· VOLUME 5: “The Bright Lights Of America” and “The People Or The Gun”
· VOLUME 6: “The General Strike” and a NEW UNRELEASED TRACK

SIDE B: Keeping with Anti-Flag’s commitment to the punk community and efforts to help other musicians have a voice, the B side of each volume will showcase 2 songs from 6 new bands (one band per volume.) These bands will be announced as the series progresses throughout the year.

As well as the 7” records, subscribers will also receive a 7” club membership that gives them access to a website community that is exclusive to the “20 Years of Hell” subscribers:

· The First 200 Subscribers are automatically entered to win:
1st Place: An ESP Vintage 204 bass guitar played by Chris#2 on tour and signed by Anti-Flag.
2nd Place: A General Strike LP TEST PRESSING
3rd Place: A “Bacon” Di-cut picture disc (OOP)
· More giveaways that include Anti-Flag gear, test presses, and other cool rare A-F stuff
· Access to video chats with the band/exclusive live acoustic performances
· Free downloads of unreleased tracks that are exclusive to the 7” club members
· Lots more cool SECRET stuff to be announced as the series progresses!

To explain the whole series in more detail, we’ve put together a quick video outlining how the subscription works. Alt Press has been kind enough to premiere the video for us on their website here.

Be sure to hurry and get the 7” Series purchased here.


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