Darkest Hour Repeat Offenders in East Coast Crime Spree?

Music News | May 19th, 2005

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This just in from Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour: “The dudes just can’t stay out of trouble with the law. While doing a photo shoot and video shoot to prep their new record Darkest Hour had two run-ins with Johnny Law this week. Day 1- Washington, DC – where the band was taking band photos under a bridge. They were approached by four police cruisers and eight officers. The band was detained for over an hour and questioned repeatedly about their motives. In a time of mass hysteria, Darkest Hour is definitely not exempt. The officers thought that the photo shoot was a well designed plot for six terrorists to start planning an attack, on so-called soft targets’ in the DC area and our rented van made them even more paranoid. Remember that the next time you have a break-down and need to rental a substitute vehicle, it’s a suspicious move’! The band made it out with out being arrested or fined and the photos will now serve as a backdrop for the new record.”

Day 2 – Darkest Hour are in NYC filming a video for the song Convalescence, with Director Dale Restighini. The set was the outside of an old plastics factory in New Jersey where several tunnels converge. Fire, dirt, trash, and smoke set the scene – it was chaos, of course. It got so intense that some onlookers called the police. According to the officers they were in “sheer terror and disbelief” at what was going on. The fire, the smoke, and the fact that Heavy Metal was blasting was just too much; but the police were unable to shut down the shoot before the band could finish. The result is a metal as hell video that came complete with its own police escort.”

Here is a surreptitious photo of the DC police action: http://www.victoryhardcore.com/promo/darkesthour/photos/cops

Look for the new Darkest Hour album, “Undoing Ruin” in stores June 28th see Darkest Hour on the Strhess Fest Tour in July and August 2005.