Decent Criminal Sign with Dodgeball Records

Music News | Jul 21st, 2017

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Decent Criminal have signed with Dodgeball Records, the newly founded record label started by Showoff frontman Chris Messer, his wife Dani and Mike Felumlee of Smoking Popes. The band record label debut, Bloom, will be released October 13th with pre-orders (including vinyl) launching on September 29th at

Listen to one of their new songs “Deviant” below:

Tristan Martinez frontman/guitarist says, “We’re super excited to be a part of the Dodgeball team! We feel fortunate to have met such great, like-minded people. It was an easy decision to sign with Dodgeball when we were presented with this opportunity.”

Felumlee says ” I was first turned onto Decent Criminal when they came to my studio for a Live from The Rock Room session. The band sounded great in the room and they were all super nice guys. When I joined Dodgeball Records, they were one of the first bands I thought we should try to sign. When Chris and I first listened to their upcoming record, we were both blown away immediately. I’m excited and honored that we get to release this record later this year!”

While blending elements reminiscent of 90’s alternative, garage rock, surf punk and power-pop, DECENT CRIMINAL, offer catchy, upbeat songs that mercilessly collide with abrasive and often melancholy undertones, to bring forth a style that’s playfully compatible while still feeling inadvertently raw. After the release of their self-titled record in 2016 and tons of touring, DECENT CRIMINAL is preparing to release their follow up record “Bloom” in October of 2017.

01 Neurotic
02 Deviant
03 Cold
04 Void
05 Still
06 Expectations
07 Waver
08 Pretender
09 Iron
10 Melt


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