Flying Raccoon Suit Releasing New Album On March 19th

Music News | Jan 22nd, 2021

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Mississippi ska indie band Flying Raccoon Suit are planning on releasing a new album! Yes, there’s a ska band in Mississippi. Their new album, Afterglow, will be out on March 19th but first, they are doing a Kickstarter campaign that has launched today. All backers get an immediate digital download of their first single and title track, “Afterglow.”

The band posted on the Kickstarter page:

We are so so excited to share our brand new full-length album with all of you! When this band restarted in 2016, and our new lineup solidified, it evolved into a completely different thing. Our variety of musical backgrounds including indie, metal, jazz, and of course SKA all mesh together and shine here, and we feel that this album is the clearest example of who we are as a band. We love how these songs turned out, and we can’t wait to share it WITH YOU!

To be clear – this album is already recorded, and will release on March 19th, 2021. We want to use this platform as a means of offering exclusive pre-order merch, vinyl variants, and personalized backer content – better connecting with our fans and community all while covering the cost of production, physical merch, artwork, and marketing so that we can see this project get the special release it deserves! There are even stretch goals for us to develop more content for you – so read on to see all the rewards that are available, and all the extra content you could directly fund!


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