Greenland Whalefishers Releasing B-Side Album!

Music News | Sep 28th, 2006

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(Myspace) The Norwegian Celtic folk punk band The Greenland Whalefishers announced today that they are releasing a B-side album. Here’s what the band had to say on their myspace blog:

Very soon we have the pleasure to give all our fans the b-sides from all Greenland Whalefishers singles and EPs + some other crap. 17 tracks including previously unreleased material and live recordings. This “dream-come-true” is titeled:


This is a Patchwork Record Production in co-operation with Punkshit Records, Deadlamb Records and Rock `em dead Records.

The following track list is exclusively for our myspace friends!

01. My Days Are Done
02. Mary B.
03. Whiskey you’re The Devil
04. Lay Me Down
05. T.Bell’s Blues
06. 2 Weeks Off
07. The Ghost Of Gerhardsen
08. Satellite Life
09. Just A Perfect Night For Me
10. Olivias Dropout (2001)
11. Acid In N.Y.
12. Family Tree
13. Nothing Really Matters
14. Loboville – Live
15. The Message
16. Hit The Ground (alternative lyric)
17. Jo The Insane