Kaiser Chiefs release new album “The Future Is Medieval”

Music News | Jun 3rd, 2011

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Kaiser Chiefs’ new music video for “Little Shocks” just premiered the other day, and now they decided to just release the album on their website! If you go to www.kaiserchiefs.com, you can buy the album for £7.50 and download it. Plus you can make your own tracklist & artwork as well!

I guess the way this works is you pick 10 tracks of 20, and make your own album. Which raises the question, why not just buy the full 20 songs and have that as your album? Or do you buy the 20 tracks, and then get to put your own 10 track album up online, and hope that people want to get that one? It’s kind of confusing to me. But it’s an interesting way to release an album that’s for sure.

All the tracks to the album are:

‘Back In December’
‘Can’t Mind My Own Business’
‘Child Of The Jago’
‘Coming Up For Air’
‘Cousin In The Bronx’
‘Dead Or In Serious Trouble’
‘Fly On The Wall’
‘Heard It Break’
‘I Dare You’
‘If You Will Have Me’
‘Little Shocks’
‘Long Way From Celebrating’
‘Man On Mars’
‘My Place Is Here’
‘Out Of Focus’
‘Problem Solved’
‘Saying Something’
‘Starts With Nothing’
‘Things Change’

You can read a good article at The Guardian about the band, and their newest album here.


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