PAY to be Hawthorne Heights Photographer at Warped Tour LOL

Music News | May 31st, 2013

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Concert photography has hit a new low. Hawthorne Heights are playing Warped Tour, and taking advantage of teenage girls by offering THE PHOTOGRAPHER pay THEM $150 to take pictures of the band for the day, and they will post your photos on their Instagram…for credit of course. See the hysterical post at Hawthorne Height’s page here.

This isn’t the first time this has happened at shows but for something like the Warped Tour, I wish bands knew better. This should be the other way around, where the photographer GETS PAID! Not the photographer paying the band to photograph them. Clearly Hawthorne Heights and the Warped Tour are taking advantage of younger kids who don’t know any better, just for a chance to photograph their favorite band with their iPad. Is the band and Warped Tour that strapped for cash? This is just disgraceful and I’m kind of wondering why Kevin Lyman would even allow this bullshit. Why should the photographer have to pay for their services so the band can get free photos? That’s like telling Hawthorne Heights they have to pay $1500 to play my Birthday Party. See how stupid that sounds?

If someone really wants to get back at the band, let’s start up a Kickstarter campaign (why not, everyone and their moms are doing it these days) and pay to have some photographer shoot the warped tour and just take dick and butt shots of the band. Ok ok, we’ll throw in some knee cap and feet photos as well. Then just let the band have all the photos since, after all, those are the band’s photos now. How would you like that Hawthorne Heights?

Update: The band realize they were wrong and took the page down after getting lots of shit for it.


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