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Music News | Jun 12th, 2014

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Earlier in the year, Efren Santana (sax player of Hepcat), was stricken with a serious lung infection and ended up in a coma. BUT thankfully he came through and will be making a full recovery soon! The lengthy hospital stay and among others things has become a financial burden. So Asbestos Records, Dave Hillyard, and others have got together to do something for Efren! They set up a BigTunes campaign and will be releasing a benefit album featuring bands like Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Slackers, The Pietasters, Coolie Ranx, Spring Heeled Jack, King Django and many more! Some songs will be new, some will be live, some will be rare. Whatever the case, just help out Efren!

You can purchase 3 song sampler, a digital download, a limited edition CD, and a few other things. The main thing is to donate as much as you can to help out Efren so we can all skank to his sax solos. Be sure to visit BigTunes to purchase or donate money!

Bands on the compilation!

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

The Slackers

Spring Heeled Jack

Big D & The Kids Table

The Pietasters

Coolie Ranx

Dave Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7

King Django & The Scrucialists

Void Union

The Shifters

Jeff Rosenstock

The Snails

Survay Says!

Caz & The Day Laborers

The Other Sam & Dave

Crazy Baldhead


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