Ransom Price and Unable Records Raising Money to Fight Cancer

Music News | Mar 27th, 2013

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Southern New Jersey’s Ransom Price and Unable Records have released a single called “West from El Paso” to raise money for the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. One hundred percent of the money made from the sale of this single will be donated to help fight cancer. To date, this project has raised approximately $1,000 but let’s keep that tally going!

On December 7th, 2012 Bernie Price, father of my wife and Unable Records Director of Operations Amanda Price Ransom, lost his year-long battle with lung cancer. Bernie was truly a great man; a loving husband, father, and grandfather. Bernie was the least judgmental and most fair person that I have ever known, and coming from a son-in-law, that means a lot!

Throughout Bernie’s ordeal, none of us that knew him could fathom how or why he would have been stricken with such a disease. Having never smoked, it just seemed so strange, so unlikely. So damn unfair. In April of 2012 I wrote a song for Bernie. It was both a way of expressing my feelings about his disease, and a way to say goodbye. I emailed him the lyrics, which he read and seemed to really appreciate. He said that he wanted to hear the song, but unfortunately I was not able to record it before Bernie passed away. His wife, Margaret, asked me to play the song at his memorial service. So, with about a month lead time, I was able to get the song recorded, mixed, and mastered. “West from El Paso” was played at his service on January 19th, 2013.

While preparing to record, I realized that I wanted Bernie’s song to truly honor his memory. It was then that Amanda and I decided to release “West from El Paso” as a single on Unable Records. All proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. In this way Bernie’s memory can be shared with so many more people, and he can continue to touch and better people’s lives, even now that he’s gone.

-Mike Ransom, managing partner Unable Records
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