Sgt. Scag Releasing First Full-Length since 1999 on September 12th

Music News | Sep 5th, 2023

CT ska band Sgt. Scag (Sgt. Scagnetti for those that have been with the band since they were a 50 piece band with a different lineup) has returned with a vengeance since rising from the ashes a few years ago with lots of shows, some new singles here and there and endless battles online with me about CT pizza. They are releasing a full-length called At Least More than Half-Way Dead next week (September 12th) via Ska Punk International, their first album since 1999. So many many moons ago…

11 Tracks of new material were written since 2018 when the band reformed to play Supernova International Ska Festival. They simply never talked about stopping. It hasn’t come up. Releasing on September 2023 on Ska Punk International Records, At Least More Than Half-Way Dead is the record your parents make post mid-life crisis. When they realize the sports car didn’t fix their marriage and get really into hiking. A band that always struggled letting people help them, growing smarter and accepting some help.

Steve commented about the new album:

“We worked too hard and too long on this record. Truly. A painstaking effort that never enough people will hear to make the effort worthwhile. Can’t stop, won’t stop.”

“We should have put a cover song on this record so that we could trick more people into listening. We didn’t, not because we didn’t want to collectively. We all knew it would be a smart move. Maybe even fun.  We couldn’t get more than 2 of us to ever agree on a song and we probably talked more about that idea than any other idea and then it just never happened. I love this band so much.”

Each day this week, Sgt Scag will be premiering a special episode of a web show about their new album’s creation featuring special guests including Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, Chris from Ska Punk International, and CT Ska Gary. They will air at 9 am EST Monday-Thursday 9/4-9/7:


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